Sprucing Up

When I started my job at RSVP back in October, I never took the time to make my office/desk area “mine”.  My bulletin board was disgustingly ugly and I didn’t put much effort into making it look better. I used some scrapbook paper to cover up the brown cork board, but other than that, I didn’t add any fun and personal touches such as photos, notes, etc. I like making a space feel like “me” by decorating it to reflect my personality and style, so I am unsure of why I let my bulletin board stay so ugly! Yesterday I realized that enough was enough and I was tired of working  in squalor (ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration).  I decided to take the plunge by marching over to the local Hobby Lobby to pick up some crafts and spruce my bulletin board up!

Exhibit A: My bulletin board before its makeover

Exhibit B: My new and improved bulletin board!

I already feel so much better about my work space! It’s funny how small changes can have that effect.  I need to print off more pictures to put around my desk, but my printer ran out of ink before I was able to print off the others I want.

I did make sure this little guy got a prime spot on my desk…