If you haven’t ever seen the television show, “The OC,” you are truly missing out.  Not only was this show filled with witty characters, a dramatic storyline, tons of pop culture references and the best music, it also introduced viewers to the idea of “Chrismukkah”.  Yes, Chrismukkah–the meshing of two holidays, Christmas and Hannukkah.  Seth Cohen coined this term and holiday, while growing up because he wanted to celebrate not just one, but both of these sacred holidays.  Each season on the OC, there was a special “Chrismukkah” episode and even a Chrismukkah soundtrack was made (Yes, I have it, along with all of the other OC soundtracks).  So, if you are bored over Christmas break you should probably just watch all of the seasons of the OC on Netflix. I promise, (aside from parts of season 4), you will not regret it!!

Happy Chrismukkah!