Happy Birthday, Lauren Conrad!

America’s favorite Girl Next Door turns 26 today!! Lauren Conrad has been one of my favorite reality stars turned overnight celebrity since her role on Laguna Beach.  I’m actually currently re-watching all of the episodes of The Hills right now and it is interesting to see how much she has changed over the course of the series.  Since ditching her role on television, Lauren has dipped her hand in many other pots. First of all, LC was a spokesperson for mark makeup for a number of years and helped mark launch the “m.powerment”campaign to fight abuse back in 2008.  She started  her first fashion line, Lauren Conrad Collection, which unfortunately didn’t last long, but then redeemed herself by launching a line for Kohls called LC by Lauren Conrad and also a higher-end line entitled Paper Crown.

Conrad has also written three  novels as part of the “LA Candy” series. And yes, I admit I have all of them and even went to her book signing. Guilty as charged. Alongside her tween fiction writing, Lauren wrote and appeared in a “Style” book which gives readers tips on fashion and makeup.  She is currently working on another book for the L.A. Candy series and a “Beauty” book.  In the last year LC launched a website with her make-up artist and hair stylist called “The Beauty Department” which showcases all different kinds of beauty and hair tips. I’ve caught myself referencing the site on multiple occasions to help master a winged eyeliner look or to get pointers on retro curls. Lastly, she always stays on top of her personal website laurenconrad.com with fun content including recipes, her favorite pins from Pinterest.com and she even started a live-chat book club!

I would go out on a limb and say that any doubt surrounding this starlet’s contribution to followers and her claim to fame can be summed up by the list of accomplishments above. (I’m sure I accidentally forgot a few things, too).  Sure, she started off as a rich teen living in Orange County who then landed a dream internship at Teen Vogue, but I think she has come a long way and earned her spot in the lime light. I think Lauren Conrad is a great role model for young girls and women and I am excited to see what she has up her sleeve for the future!! Happy Birthday, Lauren!

And just for the heck of it, here is a photo of when Tana, Taylor and I went to Kansas City a couple of years ago  to meet Lauren Conrad at her book signing.  I said something really dorky along the lines of, ” Is this your first time in Kansas?? Oh wait, I guess we are in Missouri now…” (coming from a girl who did not grow up in the KC area).  She responded by A. saying she had never been to Missouri or Kansas and B. That it was like a “Winter Wonderland” How precious. P.S. She’s very skinny and taller than I thought and has obvious extensions that she constantly played with, just like on her “Hills” days. : )