Ingrid Michaelson “End of the World”

I have been a huge fan of Ingrid Michaelson, ever since her first album came out in 2006.  She has so much character and spunk and delivers song lyrics that in my opinion, are very easy to relate to. I just bought her new album, “Human Again” and am still in the initial stages of listening to it in its entirety. It has a much different tone than “Boys and Girls” and “Be OK,”  her first two full-length albums, which for the most part, are very poppy and upbeat.

“Everybody,” her third album, has a more personal tone, delving deeper into past relationships which translate into her song lyrics.  However, the most recent album, “Human Again,” is by far the most intimate album to date.  It boasts many ballads and Ingrid really opens up in her songs. Perhaps this is so much different than her previous albums because she is now married to fellow singer, Greg Laswell? I just found that out.  Anyway, here is one of my favorite tracks on Human Again called “End of the World.”  Apparently it was written after she watched a slew of zombie movies. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, I suppose!