Pretty Little Liars: Part Four

The fourth and final PLL girl is Hanna! I feel like her style has gotten better since the first couple of episodes–she now experiments more with layers and statement pieces and is the ultimate girly-girl, but in a really unique way. While I think that Aria’s style is the “coolest”, I would have to say that I would most likely wear clothing similar to Hanna’s. I really like girly, frilly and lacy things that are pretty, but understated

The one thing that you will almost always see Hanna wearing?? Heels. The girl loooves her heels! Hanna also wears a lot of blazers, flowy dresses, ruffles, pastel or neutral colors with a splash of black, bold earrings, large designer bags and her hair is almost always down and perfectly curled.  Hanna always looks very put together and polished and could easily take her outfits from day to night. The above pictures make it seem that she only wears black blazers which is not the case at all, but I had a hard time finding a photo that represented Hanna’s style appropriately.


I would definitely wear this outfit–my favorite piece is the top! : ) I hope you have enjoyed my take on all the PLL girls’ style!!

Do you like Hanna’s style? Do you think you are more girly like Hannah, classic like Spencer, casual like Emily, or edgy like Aria??