This weekend was one of the most relaxing I’ve had in a long time! I spent a lot of time at the pool, made some money through babysitting, saw two movies, “Cars 2” and “Monte Carlo”, caught up on some reading, participated in game night, tried a new restaurant, ate lots of yummy food, hung out with fun people and watched pretty fireworks for the 4th of July. Although I previously talked about how I do not like the Fourth of July holiday, I actually really enjoyed it this year!

Last Weekend

I spent last weekend hanging out with friends, Jessica H. and Jessica F., in their new apartment in Kansas City! I know both of the Jessicas through our major, Communication Studies, at K-State and think it is so cool that they are continuing their friendship after college and are now roommates!! Upon my arrival, Jessica H. and I went to Lulus Noodles and I absolutely loved it! In fact, I’ve been thinking about eating those drunken noodles a lot lately…

Saturday was a fun-filled day spent at the River Market Farmer’s Market shopping for produce and the Toy & Miniature Museum to see the Barbie exhibit. Later we went back to the Jessicas’ apartment for a homemade dinner and then their house warming party, followed by a night out at the bars in Westport.