Pretty Little Liars: Part Three

Onto the third installment of this PLL fashion blog series! It’s Emily! She is by far the most laid back and casual girl of the group and it suits her athletic and easy-breezy lifestyle perfectly. What’s really funny is in real life, Shay Mitchell (who plays Emily), is said to be the girliest out of all the castmates!

Emily can be found in a lot of shorts, cute cargo pants, jean skirts, basic tee shirts, stylish teenis shoes, messenger bags, drapey tees, jackets, cardigans and modest jewelry. She’s kind of the girl next door sports rockstar.  Even though she’s dressed down most of the time, she always looks cute in her outfits. I’d say her style is the easiest to relate to for most high school girls these days.  Especially when I was in high school, half the school dressed similar to this.  Her style is my least favorite, only because she never wears anything very exciting or something I haven’t seen before, unlike the other PLL girls. However, like I said, her style is the the most attainable for most people.


Do you think your style is similar to Emily’s??