Weekend Snippets

Warning: Lots of Flint pictures. Love him!

I started Friday off right...with pancakes from the Chef!

Looking very blotchy after my run and before my walk with Flinty & Dad


We saw "Midnight in Paris"

Two new movies

Pucker Up!

I can’t help but notice all of the brightly colored lips women are donning this spring and summer season. Celebrities like Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Rhianna, Lauren Conrad and Alexis Bledel (to name a few) have this bold trend nailed! I recently bought some Covergirl lipstick in the shade, “Spellbound”. It turns out this shade is much brighter than I had suspected and I still have yet to wear it out in public! My sister’s reaction to this fuchsia hue was, “Whoa, now that is Barbie pink.” I’m not sure if that’s good or bad?! hehe I will be sure to post pictures if I’m ever brave enough to wear it!

All of these ladies look beautiful with their bright pink lips, mais non?! Well, here are some tips to achieve the perfect balance of bright lips and shimmery, natural makeup for the rest of your face.

  • Keep everything simple.  If you have a bright lip color make sure to go light and easy on the makeup.
  • Do not overdo your blush when wearing hot pink lipstick.  Try to go for shimmery nude color instead of the usual pink blush.
  • If you’re not confident enough to wear such bright lip color during the day save it for the night instead.
  • If you want to change your night time look and want to be daring and bolder you can go for hot pink lips instead of the usual fiery red lips.
  • If you have a light skin tone go for hot pink lipstick with blue undertone.  If you have a darker skin tone go for orange or red based undertone.
  • If you’re fair skinned and a little shy to wear this color just think of how Emma Stone pulled off the look.  She looked sexy with her hot pink lips.
  • Planning to wear this lip color means having enough confidence to sport it.  Don’t just buy the lipstick and let your drawer wear it.  Be bold and confident enough!
  • Experiment with your look once in a while.
  • Test the lipstick before you buy it.  Make sure that you would wear it.
  • Test the color of the lipstick in natural lighting.  Don’t just rely on the store lighting.  Try to dab it on your lips and go outside to check it out.