Pretty Little Liars: Part One


The Season 2 premiere of  “Pretty Little Liars” is just a little over two weeks away, June 14th, and I cannot wait to dive right back into the Rosewood drama! This television show is filled with mystery, secrets, gossip, hotttttt guys, and the four main characters have awesome style!

Spencer, Emily, Hanna & Aria each have very unique wardrobes that showcase their personalities and set them apart from each other.  I’m not sure who I identify with most when it comes to my personal style, but I’d have to say that I admire Aria’s wardrobe the most–just because it’s really edgy and cool, but also feminine at the same time.

It sort of has that Rachel Bilson feel of  “oh, I just grabbed all of these random things from my closet and pulled them together and what do you know? It looks effortlessly chic.” She wears a lot of boots, florals, cropped jackets, accessories & jewelry  with some “edge”, lace, bright nail polish and also dark nail polish and large bags.  You rarely see Aria wearing pants, since it seems she prefers dresses and skirts. Also, of course, she has perfect long dark hair–all of the PLL girls have beautiful hair, what’s up with that?! Pshh

Granted, Aria doesn’t actually style herself, so I give credit to all of the wardrobe stylists for the show! : ) Great job on ALL the Pretty Little Liars costumes.

If you haven’t watched the show, the first season is now available to buy on DVD and I might just be indulging in a little of that this weekend.  I highly recommend watching it–you will NOT be disappointed!

For the next two weeks I will be creating polyvore sets based around each character’s style and giving it my own little spin. If you haven’t guessed already, this week is Aria! Stay tuned for the next feature girl : )

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?? Which character can you identify most with based on their style??