I’m back.

It’s been months since I have written a new post for this little blog of mine and I feel like I have some explaining to do. You see, the reason I started this blog in the first place is because I had some free time at my first job and wrote a post a day in effort to make the clock tick a little bit faster througout the day. (Or at least get that sort of feeling). Creating a post each day also let me explore my creative side a bit more, which was fun and exciting. I looked forward to writing a new post everyday, even if I didn’t think anyone was reading it. It was kind of a “happy place” for me.

Well, in March I got a new job in Kansas City and sort of discarded the ole blog. It felt like my blog was a part of my life in Manhattan and moving forward to a new city, new job, new adventures meant leaving my blog in the past. So I basically haven’t written a single post since I moved here 7 months ago. I still look at other people’s blogs on the regular and look forward to it. So why did I abandon my own? I guess that only sort of makes sense.

I’ve gone through a lot in the last half of a year and I think that having this blog would have actually made things a bit easier. So now that I am without a job…I have a lot of free time again. Yep that’s right, the job I moved to Kansas City for is no longer mine. Due to financial difficulties and the struggles of a small business, I got laid off two weeks ago. The job search continues. But here it is full circle: lots of free time,  blog writing ensues. 

I’m not making any promises for super engaging posts or sources for inspiration, but I will say that for all you lovely people out there who read this blog– (Haley? Jess?), you’ll have something to read throughout the week : )

So here I am, back again. Thanks for joining. 


Sweetheart Dance

About a month ago, Lori, Kendra and I sat down to talk fundraising for RSVP.  We lost a big chunk of money for this year so we have been scrounging to make some fast cash in whatever way we can.  We came up with the idea to have a Father Daughter Sweetheart Dance because it is something that has never been done (to our knowledge) in Manhattan before.  In about five hours’ time, we pulled together a major sponsor, location, DJ and photographer and I even whipped up a flyer.

Ever since our initial meeting, Kendra and I have been posting flyers, spreading the word about the dance through Twitter and Facebook, selling tickets, finding volunteers to make desserts, brainstorming decoration ideas and being incredibly thrifty at the same time.  We had a tight budget and I can proudly saw that we pulled off a pretty amazing event.

It was priceless to see all of the adorable daughters and their dads or grandpas dancing together at the dance.  I didn’t think it would make me emotional, but it was just so darn sweet to see how happy not only the little girls were, but their dads, too.  Everyone seemed to have a great time at the dance and it was very rewarding to be part of the team that made this event happen.  We had a lot of yummy desserts for the guests to enjoy, a photo booth set up to take silly pictures, great music, (their favorite song was “Party Rock Anthem”– so funny) and prizes to give away!










and last but not least…..


What’s up, Wednesday?

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday, or hump day as some lovingly like to refer to this mid-week day.  I am having trouble believing that Christmas was exactly a month ago and we’re already moving toward Valentine’s Day.  I haven’t been able to part with my Christmas tree quite yet.  It is still shining brightly in the living room, along with my other Christmas decorations. Goal for the weekend: take it down.  I might leave some Christmas lights up on the mantel just for some extra sparkle.  Because really, who doesn’t love a little twinkly sparkle? : )

I first heard this song on the trailer for the movie “Another Earth” and have really been loving it ever since.  It’s so emotional and beautiful…take a listen.

Oh, and think about this.

Little Things.

After a long week at work, I decided to go back to Valley Center for the weekend.  My Mom had been home all week by herself since my Dad went to New York with my brother, so I thought it would be nice to give her some company.  Before I headed back, I relaxed Friday evening with a quick gym session followed by two Redbox movies: One Day and The Art of Getting By.  Both of the movies were mediocre at best–not a huge fan of either. Saturday morning I did the unthinkable, (for me usually) and got up at 8:00 am to go to not one, but two classes at the gym.  RPM, a fast paced cycling class kicked my booty and so did Body Pump, which is a weight lifting class.  However, at least I got my workout done for the rest of the day and didn’t have to worry about it!

I spent the rest of my weekend leisurely shopping, had lunch at On The Border with my Mom, went to a 50th birthday party, snuggled with Flint, had lunch with Lindsay and got a pedicure!!

Lindsay and I got pedicures in Essie’s Mesmerize in honor of little Paxten, who is a sweet little baby from my hometown who is battling leukemia.  While in the hospital this last week, her Mom painted her toenails blue to give her a girly little touch, so now people are showing their support by painting their toenails blue, too!   It breaks my heart to see such a tiny, adorable girl go through so much pain and suffering this early in her life.  Her parents are being so strong during this trying time, and my heart goes out to them.   Please pray for little Paxten and read more about her story here.

It was a rough day back to work and I’m already pining for the weekend.  Check out this video! I like.

Now watch this one:

I love Gotye, Kimbra AND Ingrid, so these vids are just great.

Oh, Christmas Tree

Day 12:  Close Up

A close up of some of the ornaments on my tiny little Christmas tree in my living room.  I can’t believe Christmas is only six days away!! I hope everyone is (mostly) done with their holiday shopping because I know the stores have been quite chaotic the last couple of days.  I need to get some hangers at Target and I am nervous about braving the sea of people, not to mention driving in this horrible winter slush.  I would love to have a white Christmas this year, but I absolutely cannot deal with the sludgy ice. UGH!

Holiday Cheer!

This weekend I went to Kansas City to spend Saturday with some friends at their Christmas party.  No matter what the occasion is, I always enjoy getting dressed up in festive clothes and adding a little pop of color on my lips.  However, sprucing up my wardrobe for a Christmas party always seems to be one of the most fun times to do so!  Sparkles, red, green–you just can’t beat it!

The party was a lot of fun!  We had cute little snacks such as “reindeer noses,” “Santa’s cookies,” “the Grinch’s spinach wraps,” etc.  Each guest brought a white elephant gift to contribute to the namesake game and there were some wild presents including the “Forever Lazy” which is essentially a large footie pajama with a hood and a “back trap door.” Cheers to the holidays!!

For Day 11 of the 30 day photo challenge I am supposed to submit a photo of something fun, so I think this picture pretty much sums up the fun we were having during our little impromptu dance party!


Halloween Through The Years

Halloween.  One of the best holidays of the year by far!! The pumpkins or jack o’ lanterns, candy, costumes, witches, spiders, ghosts, monsters….everything about Halloween is just so much fun!!!  Each year I find it more challenging to select the perfect costume for the occasion and I almost wish someone would just pick one out for me.  Check out some of the costumes my Mom picked out for me and my siblings growing up and the ones that I fashioned myself…

Superman, Clown, Bunny, Skeleton

Picasso, Jasmine, Bride, Bengals Football Player

Bohemian person??, Ninja, Piece of Candy (this was not a good year for costumes)

???, Spy, Dorothy, Amelia Earhart

BAHHAHA that's Vaughn, btw.

Hopefully my costume comes together this year!! What are YOU going to be for Halloween?!?