Happy Thursday!

The week is almost over–only one more day ’til the weekend, YAY! The weather this week was positively horrible with all of the snow and overcast and I feel like it reflected my overall mood perfectly–not sure if it was the cause or an effect? But to sum things up this week, it sucked. I have had WAY too much on my mind but am feeling better now thanks to great friends and family 🙂 Thanks lovies!

Today for work I got to go to two different pen pal parties with 6th graders and their RSVP volunteer pals. It was so much fun!! We ( I included myself) decorated cookies to give to the troops in Iraq and also played V-Day games! It was really neat hearing stories from the students and the volunteers. For instance, I found out that one of our volunteers traveled around the world in 80 days, another volunteer recorded herself talking on a cassette tape and sent one to her husband everyday for a year while he was in Vietnam (que romantique!) and the kids’ stories were WILD. I loved every second of it!

My week actually improved a lot just from today. I also had lunch at the Admissions office with my old co-workers and that was great catching up with them. It’s crazy how little things can change your entire day/week. Now, I’m really looking forward to a fun weekend with friends and family. Updates on that later : ) I hope I have some amazing memories to share!

P.S if you want to send some cute e-valentines to your lovies, check out these from Kate Spade!