The Civil Wars “Barton Hallow”

The Civil Wars have been on my radar ever since I heard one of their songs on “The Vampire Diaries” about a year ago.  I don’t usually listen to anything that resembles country music because it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth or ears in this case, but recently I’ve really been drawn to bands with a more folk sound such as The Civil Wars.  Their music has a very down to earth, “raw” sound to it that I really enjoy. Although this duo has wonderful chemistry while performing, they actually are not romantically involved at all and are both married! Their entire album, “Barton Hallow,’ is a great listen, so I definitely recommend checking it out!  Other bands I have been listening to a lot lately: Angus and Julia Stone, Fleet Foxes and Of  Monsters and Men. Any suggestions??

You’re The One That I Want

I really like this cover of the Grease classic “You’re The One That I Want,” performed by Angus & Julia Stone.  When I was in third grade I was ob-sessed with the movie “Grease” and wanted so badly to be just like “edgy Sandy” at the end of the movie.  You know the look: tight black pants, blonde curly hair, off the shoulder top, red heels. I think I know what my Halloween costume this year will be. : ) Even though I totally loved the movie and even performed “Grease Lightning” in the talent show with my sister and friend, most everything in the movie went completely over my head. Looking back, that is probably for the best.

Ingrid Michaelson “End of the World”

I have been a huge fan of Ingrid Michaelson, ever since her first album came out in 2006.  She has so much character and spunk and delivers song lyrics that in my opinion, are very easy to relate to. I just bought her new album, “Human Again” and am still in the initial stages of listening to it in its entirety. It has a much different tone than “Boys and Girls” and “Be OK,”  her first two full-length albums, which for the most part, are very poppy and upbeat.

“Everybody,” her third album, has a more personal tone, delving deeper into past relationships which translate into her song lyrics.  However, the most recent album, “Human Again,” is by far the most intimate album to date.  It boasts many ballads and Ingrid really opens up in her songs. Perhaps this is so much different than her previous albums because she is now married to fellow singer, Greg Laswell? I just found that out.  Anyway, here is one of my favorite tracks on Human Again called “End of the World.”  Apparently it was written after she watched a slew of zombie movies. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, I suppose!

A Christmas Classic

Judy Garland’s version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” cannot be matched.  The song originated from the movie “Meet Me In St. Louis,” which a lot of people probably don’t realize.  The emotion behind Judy’s voice is so real in this scene. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a must-see!!!   This is definitely one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time!

Lissie featuring Ellie Goulding “Everywhere I Go”

Two lovely blonde ladies singing Lissie’s song, “Everywhere I Go” (For reference: Lissie is the first singer and Ellie is the second one whose voice kind of quivers like a goat–I still like her though  😉  When they sing together on the chorus you can’t help but get the chills. The harmonizing is beautiful.  I can’t help but listen to it over and over!