Why did I choose the title “yellow” for this post, you ask? Because all of my pictures feature the color yellow. : ) So creative, right? I had a really fun weekend full of seeing friends. The weekend kicked off with margs & the Ville with Allie & Andrea and then I met up with my brother and his girlfriend, Kristen, later in the night.   On Sunday I saw the movie, “The Help,” with a late lunch of Panera right afterwards.  I finished off the weekend with some cookie making–oatmeal scotchies!

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 6: Childhood Memory

If you know me well, you will know what this image represents : )

des colores

Day 4: Favorite Color

I don’t really have just one favorite color. I like lots of different colors, depending on my mood.  I often find myself attracted to hues of purples, greens, corals and turquoise blues. I also like to throw in some burnt orange or mustard every now and then, just to spice things up!   One color you will not find in my wardrobe or decor hardly ever? Red.  It’s jut not a good color for me as I have pink undertones in my skin! I’d really love to try a red lip sometime soon though!

What I Wore & S’mores

Day 2: What I Wore

Today I channeled my inner fashion blogger (wannabee) by posting the outfit that I wore today.  I could have picked something a little bit more interesting to wear, but I ran out of time this morning while getting ready and throwing on a dress seemed like my easiest option! I hit the snooze button one too many times…Also, I tried taking a picture of myself in my outfit and failed desperatley.  The self-timer tactic was just not cutting it this morning. So, when I got to work I had to explain the 30 day challenge to my co-worker and ask her to take my picture. Thanks, Kendra! : )

Dress: J. Crew, Sandals: Gap, Necklace: Charlotte Russe Bracelets: Krystallos & Forever 21

Since I obviously haven’t gotten enough sweets in the past week (immense sarcasm here), I celebrated National S’mores Day with the gals at the office!  I already had graham crackers & mallows in the pantry from last time I craved s’mores, so all I had to get was the chocolate.  It was a nice little pick me up at the office today!

30 Day Challenge–Photo Style

I’m ready for a challenge in my life– well more like something fun to look forward to.  Since I am no longer a student, I don’t really have the day-to-day  spontaneity and changing tasks and assignments I am used to and often crave.  Working is a totally different story since I’m sitting at a desk 40 hours a week and the day sometimes drags by. Having a fun new regimen, or at least something to look forward to, would add a little sparkle in my day.  So, I will be implementing and participating in the 30 day photo challenge I found on Pinterest the other day. It looks like a lot of fun, without being redundant or really cheesy like some of the 30 day challenges I’ve seen on Facebook. I won’t necessarily be doing this challenge daily, but will try to update as often as possible.

Day 1: Self-Portrait

I had to dig around for a self-portait of myself and this one barely counts since I didn’t actually have to hold my camera out in front of me. I don’t really take this type of photo very often and I wasn’t about to take one of myself right now. (It’s been a long day and I’m already in my jammies sans makeup). I found this one, which was taken with my Photo Booth from my MBP, so it’s not the best quality…but here it is.

Again, I’m slightly ashamed of this picture and am glad to get the self-portrait over with on day one and am eager to jump into some of the more fun and quirky photos! This will be fun : ) Other blogger friends, I encourage you to participate as well!!!

Any Aqualung fans out there?? This song by “Stateless” really reminds me of some of Aqualung’s songs from the “Strange and Beautiful” album.  Also, does anyone remember this song playing on the  season 1  finale of Vampire Diares when Damon kisses Elena?? : )

Mad Men Fashion

The scandalous hit television series Mad Men has re-introduced an era of fashion that will always be classic and timeless: the 1960s.  From tight fitting sheath dresses, a-line skirts and mens’ fitted suits, all characters (or real live people) look perfectly polished and put together.  Mad Men and Banana Republic have had a marketing partnership for the past couple of years that has been quite intriguing to me, seeing that I am very interested in the era itself, as well the fashion.  At one point there was a “casting call” type promotion for BM/MM, which showcased some 1960s-esque clothing, but the actual clothing was not available in stores….until now! On August 11th, Banana Republic will be selling 65 pieces of Mad Men inspired clothing; some for men and some for women.

I can honestly say there is not one piece in this collection that I don’t totally love. Everything is perfectly tailored and wonderful, with a modern twist.  I especially like the navy houndstooth shift dress, the black full skirt, the black lace sleeveless shell, the leopard trench coat with the ivory lace dress underneath, and the sweet polka dot tights.  I love it all 🙂  1960s fashion is so classic and makes me wish I lived in that era…think Jackie O. or Holly Golightly in the 1961 film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.  In fact, while I was at home this weekend the film, “An Education” was $2.99 at the local grocery store.  I snatched it up, not necessarily because I love the movie, but because I admire the fashion and styling.

Which era of fashion do you love?? I’m also a fan of all the clothing in the 1970 film, “Love Story” : )

Fashionably Fit

Back in February I wrote this post about wanting to upgrade my workout wardrobe.  I wanted to ditch the dingy T-shirts for some body hugging tanks and pants in hopes that I would feel more confident while working out, thus gaining more motivation to actually go to the gym.

Several months have passed since I first wished for cuter workout clothes and I am pleased to announce that I have indeed made an effort to look a little better while working out. Let me start off by saying this: while some of my new ensembles are more flattering, they are also more functional.  Remember my rant about how crew necked t-shirts are too restricting and hot while I’m running on the treadmill? Or what about my gym shorts riding up while I’m doing weight machines, lunges or sit ups? With my new dri-fit tops and capris, I have rid myself of these problems (on most days) and feel more comfortable about lifting my legs up to do reverse crunches.

Without further adieu, I present to you: My Workout Essentials. (Sorry for the lack of high-quality photos.  I do what I can)

One of the most important aspects of fitness and safety is finding the right type of shoe for the activity you are performing.  I have quickly learned that wearing a structured running shoe is not the best idea while taking a Zumba class. Running shoes are not meant to move from side to side, whereas a light weight training shoe with a flexible sole is designed for just that.

1. Nike Flex Trainer, $60 from Zappos  I actually just got these in the mail today and am eager to try them out at the gum tomorrow for Zumba class!

2. Nike Air Pegasus + 27, $81 from Zappos These are my second pair of Nike Air Pegasus and I absolutely love them. They are light weight, the perfect width for my foot and have just the right amount of cushion.

3. Champion Sports Bras, $15-$17 from Target  Having a supportive sports bra is crucial to a good workout!

4. Danskin NowTank, $7 from WalMart  I have a couple of these “dri-more” tanks and I really like them. They have a shelf bra and are made of a thick, stretchy fabric that kind of sucks you in!

5. Nike Race Day Shorts, $21 from Nike Both the Nike Tempo shorts and the Nike Race Day shorts can be found in my dresser drawer! I love the breathable fabric and the built in briefs for days I want to run or do the elliptical. They aren’t too short either.

6. Nike Running Capris, $45 from Nike although these are a bit on the pricey side, they are great for spinning classes, running, weight training, etc…pretty much everything! I highly recommend them. However, I found a replica pair at Target for half the price…might be worth checking out!

7. Adidas Kids Socks, $10 for three pairs from Famous Footwear I wear a size 6.5 shoe, so a lot of times adults socks are too big for my feet. Instead, I buy kids socks! These Adidas ones are my favorite because they are thick enough that they don’t bunch up in my shoe. I HATE thin socks that slide around.

Other items I like to keep in my gym bag: Apple iPod Shuffle–love it! I feel helpless when it dies on me while on the elliptical.  Water is an absolute must while at the gym. Luna Bar, just in case my stomach is growling uncontrollably. Pad Lock, the gym I belong to has a locker room, so I like to take advantage of locking up my personal belongings. Hair Accessories such as bobby pins, pony tail holders and elastic headbands to keep my hair off my face. Some type of fitness Magazine, just in case I need some inspiration or to reference weight training exercises.