Get Cozy.

My senior year of high school I enrolled in an elective class called “Needleworks and Handicrafts” or something along those lines because I needed a few more elective credits. It was between that and choir and Lord knows I can’t carry a tune to save my life, so needleworks it is! We made different types of needle-esque projects like cross stitch (never finished mine), crochet (I was really good at making pot holders) and….knitting. Since I had mastered the art of the crochet hook, I thought surely I can handle a couple of knitting needles. Boy was I wrong. I don’t think I ever even stitched a full row. I tried with all my might, but senioritis had the best of me and I just couldn’t commit to making it work. I must have just sat there and chatted with all my classmates while they knitted and I held two empty knitting needles.  (Somehow I still got an A in the class?).

Fast forward 7 years and I still have some interest in knitting. I don’t want to be defeated, dangit! I can learn how to knit. I can do it. So i’m going to. Tomorrow I’m going to march down to the local Hob Lob and buy myself some knitting needles, yarn and maybe a “knitting for dummies” book. Because I would like to proudly wear a knitted snood around my neck and when people ask, “where did you get that lovely snood,” I can say without hesitation, “I MADE IT.”

Here are a few cozy, cold-weather items I would like to be able to make someday:



And if I become a master knitter, maybe i’ll knit a blanket or sweater or something really great.

Look At That Booty

I am totally loving the ankle boot trend that is happening right now. What’s so great about ankle booties is that they can be worn during practically all of the seasons thus making them very versatile. Wear them with rolled up skinny jeans, girly dresses or with tights and skirts! Celebs like Rachel Bilson and Rosie Huntington Whitley have been rockin’ them for awhile now and I can’t wait to get my hands, er feet, on a pair for Fall. I especially like these Madewell knock offs from Target. Target always seems to have the best knock offs, right?

black ankle boots
Madewell Zipcode Boot in suede (black sold out)

Springtime Swag

I’m not sure what it is about the arrival of Spring, but it always makes me want to overhaul my closet and revamp my wardrobe. Perhaps it is something about all the new floral dresses and open toed sandals that is alluring.  I wish I could get my hands on every item that I see online, but my bank account would immediately be empty if that were the case. I’m going to refrain from doing a huge Spring shopping spree, but I did allow myself to buy a couple of things for the upcoming season.

New Stuff
1. Polka Dot Dress  When I saw this dress I knew it had to be mine.  I almost bought a dress similar to this online earlier in the year, only it was peach. I kicked myself when it became unavailable while still in my “shopping cart”.  I can’t wait to wear this when the weather starts to heat up! I’m always a sucker for polka dots and turquoise.
2. Chevron Lamp Shade I found this at Target for $13! I think it will be a fun addition to my living room decor.
3.  Like Crazy DVD I can’t wait to pop this in the DVD player this weekend.  It will be the perfect way to unwind after what I know will be a stressful weekend of apartment searching…
4. Nude Patent Wedges These are ladylike and comfy–a great combination in a shoe.  I’m eager to pair these with springy floral dresses and cropped pants. Plus, they were a steal at only $19.99! I got them in black, too.

Currently Craving

Spring Cravings

Spring Cravings by shannonpaiges featuring chunky necklaces


With beautiful weather like we had yesterday–nearly 70 degrees, I can’t help but have Spring fashion on my mind. Unfortunately, I’ll be donning my boots and coats for a few weeks longer, but it’s always nice to “virtual shop” for spring clothes to wear later.  I already bought the red dress from Forever 21 last night and am hopeful that it will fit! Nine times out of ten, clothing from Forever 21 is either way too short or way too cheaply made, so fingers crossed!

Other items I would really love adding to my closet?? –the pink J.Crew blouse, yellow polka dotted undies from Madewell and the Sam Edelman leopard print sandals. Wishful thinking : )

Modern Day Audrey

One of my favorite Audrey Hepburn movies, aside from “Sabrina” of course, is the 1953 film “Roman Holiday.”  This film follows Audrey Hepburn’s character, Ann, who just so happens to be a princess.  When Ann and her royal family arrive in Rome, she is immediately filled with boredom and yearns to see Rome for herself, unaccompanied. Escaping her strict regimen, Ann sneaks out to explore the Eternal City. She hitches a ride in the back of a delivery truck and later falls asleep on a park bench when the after effects of a sedative she took earlier in the night finally set in. Gregory Peck’s character, Joe Bradley, who is an American journalist, finds the sleeping princess and takes her back to his apartment so she can rest peacefully.  (This sounds like a legitimate kidnapping, but I promise Joe’s intentions are harmless : )

The next morning Joe rushes off to cover the Princess Ann press conference, but doesn’t realize she is actually asleep on his couch. The film continues to show the growing relationship between Joe and Ann and how the secrets of their identities unfold as they traipse around Rome. It’s a pretty sweet little love story.

Above you will see my take on the “Modern Day Audrey” in Roman Holiday.  A beautiful minty green top with a bow tie front compliments this caramel, pleated chiffon midi skirt perfectly. (It sounds like I am writing about food, not fashion!) I think this ensemble has  just the right amount of “flowiness” for a ride around Rome on the back of a Vespa, a la Audrey & Joe  in Roman Holiday. Nothing says a vacation in a romantic city like your skirt blowing in the wind, right??  And of course when traveling by foot, a sturdy pair of gladiator sandals are appropriate, such as this braided pair.  In true Audrey fashion, one must wear a stylish scarf, but perhaps instead of tying this pretty paisley one around your neck, try it tied around the handles of your handbag.

P.S in the latest issue of Matchbook Magazine, a feature story about Ryan Gosling reveals that his dream project is to work alongside Natalie Portman in a remake of Roman Holiday. Swoooon. I really, really hope this happens.


Over the weekend I made the trek back to Valley Center to see my parents and my favorite little Sheltie, Flint!! Although it went way too fast, the weekend was very relaxing and nice.  Saturday morning my Mom made cinnamon roll pancakes, I went for a very breezy jog–the wind was awful and then later my Dad and I test drove a new Honda Civic EX Coupe..just for fun : ) I totally want one now, but the Grand Am still lives on.

After Chipotle for dinner, my parents and I watched the K-State football game against Oklahoma State. It was such a close one, but the Wildcats couldn’t quite pull off the W.  Things got weird after the game. I think Kansas experienced its first earthquake ever.  Evidently it was an aftershock from a 5.2 quake in Oklahoma City.  Honestly, I thought there was a truck in my driveway with their bass turned up too loudly.

When I finally pulled myself out of my pajamas and very comfortable reclined position on the couch, I went into Wichita and bought an Apple iPhone 4S.  I can’t wait to use it and have in depth conversations with Siri!

I thought it might be kind of fun to do a little “What I Wore” type post, so here it goes!

Polka dot top: Old Navy.  Green vest: Old Navy, Belt: Mom’s closet.  Denim shorts: Gap.  Tights: Wal Mart??  Boots: Target  Jewelry: Forever 21 & Krystallos.

Lastly….Santa Flint!

Edgy Lady

onyx and ox blood
Hello again, bloggie friends!! I know I’ve been gone for about a month now, but would love to get back into the swing of things and update my blog more regularly!!  Things got a little hectic for me and my blog was put on the back burner.  I’ve missed it though!  I’m so happy it’s finally fall and can’t wait to start dressing according to the fall weather.  (It’s still pretty hot in KS, so busting out velvet and leather would not be ideal).  However, I’m really wanting to start sprucing up my fall outfits by mixing edgy pieces with lady like items such as oxfords and lace paired with a totally cool leather jacket.  What do you think?!

Blogger Spotlight: Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific

Blair Eadie of the posh fashion blog Atlantic-Pacific, is easily one of the most chic of the fashion bloggers out there. Her signature blonde bouffant along with her ecclectic mix of classic and trendy pieces, which she always wears effortlessly and beautifully, sets her apart from the rest.  This girl looks good in absolutely everything she wears! She is the queen ofof layering and obviously has figured out what looks best on her body type (which is tall and thin…lucky). I’ve noticed that Blair is rarely seen photographed without her oversized sunglasses and stacked bracelets and bangles.  I like how she stays true to herself by consistenly wearing the same staple items (ie. sunglasses  and jewelry), yet incorporates them into each one of her different looks.  Check this little diva out:


all above images via atlantic-pacific.  For more on Blair, check out August’s issue of one of my favorite online magazines, Matchbook Magazine!  and on the