Ready to Run.

I’ve never actually considered myself to be a “long distance runner.” Ever since middle school track, I’ve been more concerned with speed rather than endurance. I typically comepted in events such as the 200, 400 or the 4×400 relay. I still remember the day during my freshman year of high school when Coach K bribed me (with a Dairy Queen blizzard) to run the 4×800. He said, “If you run it this ONE TIME, I’ll never make you run it again. And I’ll get you a Blizzard after the meet.” I reluctantly said yes. Turns out that I was pretty good at that two lap little race and I then ran it in EVERY SINGLE TRACK MEET FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON. Ugh. I was so mad. And I never got my blizzard! The 800 was the extent of my “long distance” running days in high school sports. Sure, I could bust out a mile when I needed to, but my focus was on quick, short races. Races that always required spiked shoes, not cushioned New Balances.

Well, obviously once I got to college I wasn’t going to sprint around the track for a good workout. Come on, now.  I had to shift gears a little bit so I started running around campus every once in awhile. I also took a lot of classes at the Rec and was a slave to the elliptical. The treadmill? No way, jose. I had a BAD encounter with the treadmill at a young age and steered very clear. But, I eventually faced my fears about 5 or 6 years ago when my parents got a treadmill in our basement. And ever since then, we’ve been BEST FRIENDS.

Hopping on a treadmill for a 3-4 mile run is a breeze! I set the incline at 0.5 to avoid shin splints, crank up the speed to about 7.4 and start running. Now, I always try to clock a 5k around 24-25 minutes because I know I can do it. That’s my problem though. I get tired after 3 miles on the treadmill because I’m running pretty quickly. Running outside is a totally different story. Wind, hills, rough terrain are all factors that make runnning in the outdoors more difficult than on a treadmill in a climate controlled gym.

But don’t get me wrong. I really love running outside. It’s the perfect time to relax and unwind and just run. I typically don’t run quite as fast, nor do I think about how fast I’m going because I’m not able to gauge my speed myself. (That’s not entirely true, I have the iPod shoe sensor thing that tells you exactly how fast you’re going, but that’s neither here nor there.) Anyway, here’s the deal. I want to run a half marathon. But the most I’ve ever run so far is 7 miles. EEK!

I am bound and determined to conquer this beast. I KNOW I can do it. I just need to buck up and do it, dangit! For the last couple of years I have looked at several half marathons and have gotten super hyped up about the thought of running one. But then I decide that it’s not worth it and I’m doing just fine running 3 or 4 miles at a time. Well, I need to set challenges for myself and this is one of them! Also, I know that I cannot train for this race soley on a treadmill, so that means I need to find some cold weather running gear and hit the pavement this winter.

Here are some of my cold weather running essentials:

winter running

So here’s the scoop ladies. I’m going to run the Prairie Fire Half Marathon in Wichita on May 5th, 2013. Cindo de Mayo. Perfect time to do it! And, since it’s nearly 6 months away, I have plenty of time to train. I think I’m going to use the Hal Higdon half marathon guide. And don’t worry. I’m not going to be one of those people who posts on Facebook after ever single damn run bragging about what they’ve just accomplished. However, I might do it every now and then on here. : ) Hehe so be warned. The name of the blog is “The Little Victories” for a reason! Also, if anybody wants to join me in this half marathon traning endeavor, please tell me!!! The more the merrier.

Get Cozy.

My senior year of high school I enrolled in an elective class called “Needleworks and Handicrafts” or something along those lines because I needed a few more elective credits. It was between that and choir and Lord knows I can’t carry a tune to save my life, so needleworks it is! We made different types of needle-esque projects like cross stitch (never finished mine), crochet (I was really good at making pot holders) and….knitting. Since I had mastered the art of the crochet hook, I thought surely I can handle a couple of knitting needles. Boy was I wrong. I don’t think I ever even stitched a full row. I tried with all my might, but senioritis had the best of me and I just couldn’t commit to making it work. I must have just sat there and chatted with all my classmates while they knitted and I held two empty knitting needles.  (Somehow I still got an A in the class?).

Fast forward 7 years and I still have some interest in knitting. I don’t want to be defeated, dangit! I can learn how to knit. I can do it. So i’m going to. Tomorrow I’m going to march down to the local Hob Lob and buy myself some knitting needles, yarn and maybe a “knitting for dummies” book. Because I would like to proudly wear a knitted snood around my neck and when people ask, “where did you get that lovely snood,” I can say without hesitation, “I MADE IT.”

Here are a few cozy, cold-weather items I would like to be able to make someday:



And if I become a master knitter, maybe i’ll knit a blanket or sweater or something really great.

I’m back.

It’s been months since I have written a new post for this little blog of mine and I feel like I have some explaining to do. You see, the reason I started this blog in the first place is because I had some free time at my first job and wrote a post a day in effort to make the clock tick a little bit faster througout the day. (Or at least get that sort of feeling). Creating a post each day also let me explore my creative side a bit more, which was fun and exciting. I looked forward to writing a new post everyday, even if I didn’t think anyone was reading it. It was kind of a “happy place” for me.

Well, in March I got a new job in Kansas City and sort of discarded the ole blog. It felt like my blog was a part of my life in Manhattan and moving forward to a new city, new job, new adventures meant leaving my blog in the past. So I basically haven’t written a single post since I moved here 7 months ago. I still look at other people’s blogs on the regular and look forward to it. So why did I abandon my own? I guess that only sort of makes sense.

I’ve gone through a lot in the last half of a year and I think that having this blog would have actually made things a bit easier. So now that I am without a job…I have a lot of free time again. Yep that’s right, the job I moved to Kansas City for is no longer mine. Due to financial difficulties and the struggles of a small business, I got laid off two weeks ago. The job search continues. But here it is full circle: lots of free time,  blog writing ensues. 

I’m not making any promises for super engaging posts or sources for inspiration, but I will say that for all you lovely people out there who read this blog– (Haley? Jess?), you’ll have something to read throughout the week : )

So here I am, back again. Thanks for joining.