I’ve managed to track down several different photo sets that are incredibly cute and festive for the upcoming holiday that some of us love and hate….Valentine’s Day.  I might not have such animosity towards this “day for lovers” if I actually had someone to spend it with but, that’s neither here nor there.  Nevertheless, I heart these photos below!

How fun are all of these Valentine’s Day inspired accessories from Ban.do?? I especially like the heart headband and the big poofy flower pin.

These huge heart balloons from Giranomo Balloons are absolutely adorable!! Wouldn’t it be so fun to walk around town holding one of those?! Of course you would have to wear a super chic outfit like the girl above.  Check out this cute video showing more of the balloons!

Geronimo Balloons Valentine’s Day from hak lonh on Vimeo.

These little lovebirds shot a “Cupid” inspired engagement photo shoot via Green Wedding Shoes .  It’s adorable and I’m jealous. There I said it.

xoxo and not bitter at all,


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