Ingrid Michaelson “End of the World”

I have been a huge fan of Ingrid Michaelson, ever since her first album came out in 2006.  She has so much character and spunk and delivers song lyrics that in my opinion, are very easy to relate to. I just bought her new album, “Human Again” and am still in the initial stages of listening to it in its entirety. It has a much different tone than “Boys and Girls” and “Be OK,”  her first two full-length albums, which for the most part, are very poppy and upbeat.

“Everybody,” her third album, has a more personal tone, delving deeper into past relationships which translate into her song lyrics.  However, the most recent album, “Human Again,” is by far the most intimate album to date.  It boasts many ballads and Ingrid really opens up in her songs. Perhaps this is so much different than her previous albums because she is now married to fellow singer, Greg Laswell? I just found that out.  Anyway, here is one of my favorite tracks on Human Again called “End of the World.”  Apparently it was written after she watched a slew of zombie movies. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, I suppose!

Happy Friday!

I am so pleased that today is Friday.  After I hit up the gym tonight, I have a date with  my jammies, a movie and the couch. Ultimate relaxation will be in full force. Tomorrow Jess is coming to hang out with me in Manhattan and I can’t wait for the fun adventures we have planned! Later, Haley will be joining us for a night out at the bars. Get ready, Aggieville. I’m so excited for a fun weekend ahead! Yay! Happy Friday, everyone!

I guess I’m “Feeling Frenchy” again…

Whatchu got in that bag?

Make up. You can’t live it, you can’t live without it right? Eh, something like that.  I just know that my uneven complexion, acne scars and just overall lack of sleep can all combine to make a pretty scary sight.  That’s where cosmetics swoop in and basically save my life.  I would like to say I’m one of those girls who can pull off the au naturel look, but let’s face it, I am not.  I can’t just roll out of bed and work with what I’ve got–oh how much time that would save.

Above are items that I wear on a pretty regular basis–my “go to” products if you will.  However, my makeup bag houses many more products than seen above, ie. additional eye shadows, eye liners, and lip glosses to name a few.  This compilation is a fairly good representation of what I put on my face on a normal day.

From left to right (row one)

1. Kate Spade Twirl rollerball– It smells like macarons and watermelon and blackberries. It is very girly, but I can still get away with using it during the daytime.  For clarification,  it goes on my wrists, not my face.

2. Covergirl classic color blush in “rose silk”–I feel like I first started using this blush back in middle school because my Mom had it and I knew nothing about makeup.  I’ve tried other blushes over the years but I am currently using this throwback. It has a nice subtle shimmer and a pigmented shade of pink.

3. MAC eyeshadow in Naked Lunch– I use this shade as an all over the lid color.  It’s a pretty champagne color with a touch of sheen.

4. MAC eyeshadow in Satin Taupe– This is my favorite eyeshadow ever. I use it in the creases of my eyes and the outer corners for a daytime look.  The color is hard to explain but it’s great for green eyes.

(row two)

5. Clinique lipgloss in Fireberry– I got this shade of gloss as a free gift from Clinique and absolutely love it.  It’s a really pretty reddish raspberry color with some gold sparkle and makes my lips ever so shiny and glossy.  It even stays on through lunch, which I just realized today!

6. NYC bronzer–I am not actually using this bronzer right now but I have in the past. For a cheapo brand it works fairly well! I don’t wear bronzer every day, but when I do I always notice it gives my skin some extra pizzazz.

7. Burts Bees lip balm– It’s the perfect lip balm for anyone. It tingles and is peppermint flavored.

8. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie– I just got this last week and I really like it.  It’s the stuff Emma Stone wears in the new Revlon commercial. It’s super buttery smooth and is a nice subtle color.

(row three)

9. Maybelline Fit foundation– According to the commercials and advertisements, this foundation is supposed to be “perfect for everyone.” I am not convinced yet.

10. Bath and Body Works “Dark Kiss” body cream– I don’t usually like B&BW stuff because it smells like a sorority house’s bathroom in there, but this is a scent I cannot live without.  It’s kind of dark (go figure) and sultry…?

11. Covergirl pressed powder– I have this in the “oil control” variety because my skin gets a little shiny throughout the day.  This powder is lightweight, covers well and doesn’t feel cakey or geisha-ish.

12. Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner–I bought this eyeliner as a stand in for my usual Line Stilletto liquid eyeliner because it was out of stock. I am glad about it too because this stuff is awesome!! It’s more like a marker/pen than a little brush and it makes the pointy edge of the winged eyeliner look come together very easily! My only complaint is that this eyeliner is definitely not waterproof.

13. Maybelline Grat Lash BIG mascara–The pink and green bottle is a classic. The word BIG attached is even better!! This is a pretty basic mascara, as my lashes do not demand a whole lot of attention.  I’ve been fortunate enough to acquire some fairly long, curled lashes so one orsometimes two coats of this mascara usually does the trick for a daytime look.

What’s up, Wednesday?

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday, or hump day as some lovingly like to refer to this mid-week day.  I am having trouble believing that Christmas was exactly a month ago and we’re already moving toward Valentine’s Day.  I haven’t been able to part with my Christmas tree quite yet.  It is still shining brightly in the living room, along with my other Christmas decorations. Goal for the weekend: take it down.  I might leave some Christmas lights up on the mantel just for some extra sparkle.  Because really, who doesn’t love a little twinkly sparkle? : )

I first heard this song on the trailer for the movie “Another Earth” and have really been loving it ever since.  It’s so emotional and beautiful…take a listen.

Oh, and think about this.

National Peanut Butter Day

Yes. It is true.  Today, January 24th, marks a wonderful day in the culinary world.  It’s National Peanut Butter Day.  I think that it is safe to say that PB deserves its own food group and should be devoured at least once a day.  Creamy, crunchy, whipped, extra crunchy, it’s all great.  Eaten by the spoonful?? Even better. Here are some of my favorite peanut butter treats along with some others that just look absolutely delicious.

1. Creamy Peter Pan Peanut Butter –A classic.  I grew up on this creamy concoction and I always find myself going back to it.  Maybe I’m not giving other peanut butter varieties a fair chance, but I’ve found one I love, so why would I change now?? PS.  I once betrayed Peter Pan  and tried PB2 which is a powdered peanut butter, people.  It just doesn’t compare to the good stuff.

2. Peanut Butter Cheese Ball— I’ve never been fortunate to try this delicious looking dessert (I don’t think those are actually dog treats pictured above, but hey, I could be wrong. Arf), but how delicious does it look?!? Cream cheese, peanut butter and chocolate? Sounds good to me.  The recipe can be found here

3. Peanut Butter Truffles— Oh boy. These look scrumptious.  I think I could find myself popping one too many of those into my mouth in one sitting. Want to make them?? Find the recipe here!

4. Edy’s Slow Churned Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream— This is my hands down, my favorite ice cream that I can get my hands on easily. Here is the lineup:  peanut butter flavored ice cream with peanut butter ribbons and peanut butter cups. There might be some other chocolate in there too, but we’re talking peanut butter today.  Added bonus: it’s 1/2 the fat of regular ice cram and I can absolutely not tell at all when eating it.  Other delicious peanut butter flavored ice creams?? Blue Bunny Peanut Butter Panic and Braum’s PB Cup.

5. Jumbo Honey-Roasted Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies— If you’re in a hurry and want to curb your peanut butter craving, this recipe is an easy solution.  If you want the easy directions you can find the recipe here.

6. Reese’s Egg–(or any other seasonal Reese’s peanut butter cup).  These little guys are better than the normal Reese’s variety.  For some reason the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is different and it truly makes a difference.  I love them. Especially when they are eaten cold. Yes, put them in the refrigerator before you snarf them down–you won’t regret it.  I know the eggs are already in stock in my local Dillons grocery store, so maybe V-Day hearts will be out soon, too?!  Last night I just finished my last Christmas tree…I savor these little morsels of heaven.

So yes, to answer your question, I will indeed be eating some peanut butter at some point in the day. Maybe once, maybe twice….maybe even thrice.

Feeling Frenchy

Some days I just really have to fight the urge to act upon my wanderlust…today is one of them. I’ve said many times and I will say it again: before I turn 26 (totally random number) I will go to France.  I’m not letting anything stand in my way : ) This video by Mina Tindle embodies the quintessential French woman and I sort of wouldn’t mind being her.

all images via

Little Things.

After a long week at work, I decided to go back to Valley Center for the weekend.  My Mom had been home all week by herself since my Dad went to New York with my brother, so I thought it would be nice to give her some company.  Before I headed back, I relaxed Friday evening with a quick gym session followed by two Redbox movies: One Day and The Art of Getting By.  Both of the movies were mediocre at best–not a huge fan of either. Saturday morning I did the unthinkable, (for me usually) and got up at 8:00 am to go to not one, but two classes at the gym.  RPM, a fast paced cycling class kicked my booty and so did Body Pump, which is a weight lifting class.  However, at least I got my workout done for the rest of the day and didn’t have to worry about it!

I spent the rest of my weekend leisurely shopping, had lunch at On The Border with my Mom, went to a 50th birthday party, snuggled with Flint, had lunch with Lindsay and got a pedicure!!

Lindsay and I got pedicures in Essie’s Mesmerize in honor of little Paxten, who is a sweet little baby from my hometown who is battling leukemia.  While in the hospital this last week, her Mom painted her toenails blue to give her a girly little touch, so now people are showing their support by painting their toenails blue, too!   It breaks my heart to see such a tiny, adorable girl go through so much pain and suffering this early in her life.  Her parents are being so strong during this trying time, and my heart goes out to them.   Please pray for little Paxten and read more about her story here.

It was a rough day back to work and I’m already pining for the weekend.  Check out this video! I like.

Now watch this one:

I love Gotye, Kimbra AND Ingrid, so these vids are just great.


Yes, I admit I am a bit late about announcing my new year’s resolutions, but at least it’s still January, right?? I’m still stuck in Christmas mode.  I can’t seem to be able to take down my Christmas tree and lights because I just love the glow it gives the room.  Also, I didn’t throw away my pumpkin from Halloween until about a week ago, so yyeaaahh… parting with the Holidays is difficult for me.

Anyway, above are a few things I’d like to change or accomplish this year.  They are all pretty small, but I didn’t feel like getting all gushy about some of my other “true resolutions”.  I have a feeling that 2012 will be a really good year and I’m going to make it my personal goal to make it that way!! I know all of my awesome friends and family will help make it a great year no matter what, but I’m expecting some pretty spectacular things to happen on their own, too! : )