Over the weekend I made the trek back to Valley Center to see my parents and my favorite little Sheltie, Flint!! Although it went way too fast, the weekend was very relaxing and nice.  Saturday morning my Mom made cinnamon roll pancakes, I went for a very breezy jog–the wind was awful and then later my Dad and I test drove a new Honda Civic EX Coupe..just for fun : ) I totally want one now, but the Grand Am still lives on.

After Chipotle for dinner, my parents and I watched the K-State football game against Oklahoma State. It was such a close one, but the Wildcats couldn’t quite pull off the W.  Things got weird after the game. I think Kansas experienced its first earthquake ever.  Evidently it was an aftershock from a 5.2 quake in Oklahoma City.  Honestly, I thought there was a truck in my driveway with their bass turned up too loudly.

When I finally pulled myself out of my pajamas and very comfortable reclined position on the couch, I went into Wichita and bought an Apple iPhone 4S.  I can’t wait to use it and have in depth conversations with Siri!

I thought it might be kind of fun to do a little “What I Wore” type post, so here it goes!

Polka dot top: Old Navy.  Green vest: Old Navy, Belt: Mom’s closet.  Denim shorts: Gap.  Tights: Wal Mart??  Boots: Target  Jewelry: Forever 21 & Krystallos.

Lastly….Santa Flint!

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