Halloween Through The Years

Halloween.  One of the best holidays of the year by far!! The pumpkins or jack o’ lanterns, candy, costumes, witches, spiders, ghosts, monsters….everything about Halloween is just so much fun!!!  Each year I find it more challenging to select the perfect costume for the occasion and I almost wish someone would just pick one out for me.  Check out some of the costumes my Mom picked out for me and my siblings growing up and the ones that I fashioned myself…

Superman, Clown, Bunny, Skeleton

Picasso, Jasmine, Bride, Bengals Football Player

Bohemian person??, Ninja, Piece of Candy (this was not a good year for costumes)

???, Spy, Dorothy, Amelia Earhart

BAHHAHA that's Vaughn, btw.

Hopefully my costume comes together this year!! What are YOU going to be for Halloween?!?

Pumped Up Kicks

I’ve been a fan of Nike Pegasus shoes for the last couple of years after a long search for the perfect running shoe.  I’ve tried Asics and New Balances and liked them pretty well, but the Nike Pegasus seems to fit my foot just right.  They are lightweight, cushioned and are a neutral running shoe.  However, they do offer enough support for my slightly over pronated gait. I love them!  I just found some new styles of this shoe on nike.com and there is just something about these black ones that I especially like.  They might be a little bit flashy, but I’ve always had white or grey shoes and I think a black pair would be fun!

Upcoming Flicks

Several movies are coming out in late 2011 or 2012 that I am really looking forward to seeing.  I feel like I haven’t seen a really good movie in a long time, except for Midnight in Paris, so I’m ready for something great to watch in theaters!

“Like Crazy” looks very emotional and gripping and critics have compared it to a mix of “Blue Valentine” and “500 Days of Summer”, so I think i’m ok with that! Can’t wait to see it.

I read the book “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” earlier this year and absolutely loved it.  Emma Watson stars in this film and I think it will be interesting to see her outside her normal role as a wizard, nonetheless acting as an American suburban teen.  I hope this movie is as good as the book!

I’m currently reading “The Hunger Games” and know very little about the plot of the book or movie, so it will be interesting to see how that pans out!!

Edgy Lady

onyx and ox blood
Hello again, bloggie friends!! I know I’ve been gone for about a month now, but would love to get back into the swing of things and update my blog more regularly!!  Things got a little hectic for me and my blog was put on the back burner.  I’ve missed it though!  I’m so happy it’s finally fall and can’t wait to start dressing according to the fall weather.  (It’s still pretty hot in KS, so busting out velvet and leather would not be ideal).  However, I’m really wanting to start sprucing up my fall outfits by mixing edgy pieces with lady like items such as oxfords and lace paired with a totally cool leather jacket.  What do you think?!