The BEST sugar cookies

Day 10: Something I Made

I have seriously been slacking on this 30 Day Photo Challenge, so I’d really like to redeem myself in the next couple of days. I can’t believe I’m only on day 10…yikes!! My coworker’s birthday was today, so I thought, what better way to celebrate than to make cookies?! Homeade “Lofthouse Sugar Cookies”. I’m sure everyone has seen these scrumptious cookies on the shelves of the grocery store: soft, chewy cookies with colorful or holiday frosting and sprinkles–the way a sugar cookie should be. Even though the Lofthouse cookies are quite the little treat, the homemade version is sooo much better and might just be my favorite cookie recipe now.  I used this one from They came out perfectly! You do not want to know how much sugar and butter went into these cookies, so just forget about calorie counting for the day : )

Blogger Spotlight: Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific

Blair Eadie of the posh fashion blog Atlantic-Pacific, is easily one of the most chic of the fashion bloggers out there. Her signature blonde bouffant along with her ecclectic mix of classic and trendy pieces, which she always wears effortlessly and beautifully, sets her apart from the rest.  This girl looks good in absolutely everything she wears! She is the queen ofof layering and obviously has figured out what looks best on her body type (which is tall and thin…lucky). I’ve noticed that Blair is rarely seen photographed without her oversized sunglasses and stacked bracelets and bangles.  I like how she stays true to herself by consistenly wearing the same staple items (ie. sunglasses  and jewelry), yet incorporates them into each one of her different looks.  Check this little diva out:


all above images via atlantic-pacific.  For more on Blair, check out August’s issue of one of my favorite online magazines, Matchbook Magazine!  and on the