In My Closet

For the 9th day of the 30 Day Photo Challenge, I am supposed to post a photo of a “faceless self portrait.”  I’m trying to think outside the box a little bit by posting a picture that portrays me, but doesn’t actually feature my face or body. So, I present to you: my closet. Clothing is an excellent example of self-expression and I sure do love clothes! This is a slice of my closet ( I couldnt show the whole thing because of the placement of my closet doors…and some of my clothes are in the laundry/storage).  Pardon the mess on the floor!

Speaking of fashion, I think it’s time for an update in my wardrobe.  I have way too many “throw on and go to class” pieces that I hardly even wear anymore.  I need to start focusing on classic, timeless pieces that will transition into different seasons and aren’t just “on trend” at the moment. Unfortunately, new clothes=lots of money, so that’s a small flaw in my plan to revamp.  Who wants to loan me some money?!

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