Picture Perfect

Day 8: Technology

I’ve had my outdated, yet somewhat faithful Canon Powershot SD1000 (3x optical zom and 7 megapixels) since August 2008 and have used it hundreds and hundreds of times.  Although I don’t have “an eye” for photography, I’ve always loved taking photos and was in need of something slightly more versatile and sleek to carry around with me while out with friends, traveling, etc. I received my SD1000 as a gift from my parents before I went on a vacation to California because the camera I had previously was a big chunker with a tiny screen and  like .5 megapixels. I  My new slim camera was a definite upgrade and I loved using its new and improved features. For the first couple of dreams it worked like a dream!! I had no problems with it whatsoever and my photos always came out looking crisp and clear. However, for some reason unbeknownst to myself (or anyone else who has tried messing with the camera’s settings), all of my photos are slightly “off”. No matter how much I adjust the settings to try and improve the image, faces are washed out and blurry and just a teensy bit out of focus.  I’m not sure what the problem is, seeing as my brother has the identical camera and has never experienced these kinds of issues. With that being said, three years later, I think it is time to update my little guy for something with a better zoom, way more megapixels and a wide angle lens!

Conveniently enough, Canon just introduced their new ELPH 310 HS (8x optical zoom and 12.1 megapixels) camera yesterday at a reasonable pricepoint and available in a rainbow of colors.  While black or silver would be the most practical and “grown up” for a young professiona like myself, I can’t resist a splash of color and am naturally drawn to either the purple or blue! Once I get a few more paychecks under my belt, I will for sure be buying this camera for myself! I can’t wait to post photos on here and Facebook that are actually high quality….or at least a lot better than I currently have!

What kind of camera do you have?? Which color of the ELPH 310 HS (the above photo) would you most likely get for yourself?!

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