des colores

Day 4: Favorite Color

I don’t really have just one favorite color. I like lots of different colors, depending on my mood.  I often find myself attracted to hues of purples, greens, corals and turquoise blues. I also like to throw in some burnt orange or mustard every now and then, just to spice things up!   One color you will not find in my wardrobe or decor hardly ever? Red.  It’s jut not a good color for me as I have pink undertones in my skin! I’d really love to try a red lip sometime soon though!

2 thoughts on “des colores

  1. haha ok yeah, i guess i do…it’s similar to yours, but not quite the same! : ) I like a good punch of orange every know & then, but it’s not a staple color in my life. However, since it is kinda in the “coral” family…..maybe??!

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