Fashion Finds

Fall is by far my favorite time of year when it comes to fashion.  I can’t get enough of boots, skirts and dresses layered with tights, cardigans, and scarves. I also love the warmer textures fall clothing are often made of such as leather, suede, cashmere and chunky knits.  Hurry up and get here, fall!!! In the mean time, we will have to melt in the 100 degree (plus) weather and try to stay as cool as possible.

After skimming through Gap, Piperlime, Old Navy and Banana Republic (All under the Gap Inc. umbrella),  I found some great pieces for the upcoming, yet still far away, season. Some of the pieces I found are great for the current hot weather, while others might be more approraiate once the temperature has dropped. Nonetheless, both Old Navy and Piperlime have some great items right now that I would love to get my hands on. See for yourself!

Old Navy

Next up: my picks from Gap and Banana Republic.


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