On the Road Again…

It seems like I haven’t stayed in Manhattan the entire weekend (except for this past weekend) since mid-May.  While driving to and from a destination can be quite boring, not to mention the price of gas for these expeditions has my bank account dwindling, I would not give up the fun times I’ve had on the weekends with family and friends. This weekend I’m going to Valley Center to spend time with my Mom & Dad before my Dad has surgery in a week and a half.

My bag is all packed and I’m ready to hit the road right after I get off work tomorrow!! I’m hoping to find a good Thai restaurant so I can have my beloved drunken noodles again.  I’d also like to go thrift shopping since my last attempt was a complete bust. Most of all, I just want to spend some quality time with my parents and little Flint!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend as well : )

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