Pretty & Patriotic

The temperatures are rising, baseball season is in full swing, local swimming pools are at full capacity and burgers, hot dogs and potato salad are summertime staples for many.  Yes, it is summer time and, it is almost the 4th of July.

The Fourth is a holiday that I do not usually get too excited about. (It’s no Halloween…).  I do not enjoy Black Cats, Roman Candles, Whistle Warblers (ok I made that one up)…pretty much I don’t like things being lit on fire only to watch them explode. However, I don’t mind viewing the BIG firework displays when it gets darker at night–that’s kind of pretty. What I DO enjoy about the 4th of July festivities is the food, for obvious reasons. Hot dogs, chips, potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, watermelon, brownies, lemonade…those are the contenders at most BBQs I go to in the summer. I also like getting together with my friends and having a good time, but just please don’t stick a punk in my face, try to convince me to light anything on fire or be alarmed when I jump away and scream from fire crackers coming too close to me.

In light of this upcoming occasion (yay, America), I have created some fun looks to wear! Even if I don’t love the holiday, I can still try and look cute, right?!

4th of July

Bonus: This year since the 4th of July is on a Monday, I get the day off from work.  Ok, maybe it’s not such a bad holiday after all.

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