Blogger Spotlight: Keiko Lynn

I found a new fashion blogger and she’s awesome and inspiring. Her name? Keiko (cake-oh) Lynn. She is absolutely stunning and so is her wardrobe. I love nearly all of her looks and I just skimmed the surface of her blog. She has a really unique style and I really like her “messy bun look.” She posted a tutorial on how to do it, I watched it, and then went to the restroom at work and put my hair in a messy bun. Not even kidding : ) A lot of her pieces are thrifted and now I really want to go thrifting this weekend in both Manhattan and Lawrence. I can’t wait to add unique and original pieces to my closet and style them to fit my personal look accordingly.

4 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight: Keiko Lynn

    • and btw. I love her clothes immensely. we both already dress somewhat like her, anyway. 🙂 Come thrifting with me this weekend! Saturday afternoon? Yes?

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