Fall Television: Click it or Skip it?

I am sad to annouce that two of my favorite hollywood stars are (in my opinion) making really horrible career choices with their upcoming television shows. Both Rachel Bilson and Zooey Deschanel are starring in their own tv series starting this fall. Normally, I’d be ecstatic….hello, OC, all-time-fave-show-eva. However, after seeing a trailer for Bilson’s show “Hart of Dixie”, I think it might be a flop. At least I know she will be wearing super cute clothes, so that is something good at least. And, seeing as it is the CW, there are probably some pretty cute guys too : ) Take a look for yourself…

While I might actually tune into “Hart of Dixie” just for the fun of it, I doubt I’ll be previewing the pilot of Zooey’s series, ” New Girl.” I might be so against it because the trailer preview is 3 minutes long and I feel like I have watched the entire episode, which looks really dumb. However, maybe they have left out some really key points and the show will have lots of twists and turns?! Who knows. Unless someone tells me it’s really good, I think I’ll skip this one.


So, even though I love both of these starlets, I just don’t know if I will be watching their shows. : / We’ll see though, I never thought I would watch Vampire Diaries and now I absolutely love it. I AM looking forward to it being back on in the Fall : )

Do you think you will watch either one of these shows?? What TV shows are you looking forward to watching again??

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