After the Weekend…

I spent the weekend back in Valley Center because quite frankly, I was becoming smothered by Manhattan. I needed a quick little escape before my big escape (to Savannah) on Thursday. So, I road tripped home!  My weekend retreat was just what I needed to feel back to normal, especially since it had an extra day in it for the holiday.

I got into town around 7:30 Friday night and went for a quick 5k jog followed by a little walk around the ‘hood with my pooch, Flint! Saturday began one of the most dreaded searches of all time–for a swim suit. Turns out my body doesnot like Victorias Secret swim suits. That’s a whole other post though. I found a cute one at Old Navy (not the same cut as the first one I bought and then rejected) and another great one at Target. Success!!

Later, I met up with my favorite new Mama, Lindsay.  We had a great lunch at Panera and were entertained by her sweet little boy, Evan. She introduced me to a yummy drink, Iced Green Tea, and now I think I am hooked! Also, if you don’t have a My Panera card, you should definitely get one. I got a free drink and she got a free pastry. Yes! The rest of the day was spent lounging and hanging out with my parents, followed by their Saturday tradition of going to dinner at Chipotle.  The people working there practically have my parents’ order memorized.

Sunday was SO hot and humid and windy. Typical Kansas. However, I got to enjoy the weather outside with my friends Sandra and Shelby! We caught some rays in Shel’s backyard and were sporadically sprayed by the chilly water stream of the sprinkler. I eventually had to turn it off because it was a shock every. single. time. it. hit. WAY too cold. Later, my parents and I went over to my cousin’s house for his going away party for the Air Force. It was nice to catch up with family and friends. I wrapped up the night back with friends at Shelby’s house playing “Banana Grams” which is a form of Scrabble, while sipping on homemade chai tea lattes.

Today I slept in, watched an episode of Criminal Minds in bed with Mom & Flint, lounged some more, went to Doc Greens with my Mom, ran some errands and then hit the road back to Manhattan! Whew. Now I just need to focus on getting everything ready for my trip–I leave on Thursday morning. Can’t hardly believe it!!

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