Pretty Little Liars: Part Two

Today’s featured PLL gal is Spencer! I think Spencer’s style is very cute, but way too preppy and tailored for my liking. She pulls it off very well though, and has the perfect figure for her clothing choices. Often, you’ll find Spencer in straight-legged pants, oxford flats, blazers, collared or button up blouses, cardigans, knee high socks, headbands and girly jewelry such as pearls or delicate necklaces.

Her style is very lady-like and modest, yet has a modern twist. Some of her outfits look like she borrowed an awesome vintage blouse from her grandma but then styled it in a way that is fresh and up-to-date. I really like her style and should probably take some notes from it. Classic is always good!


Would you ever wear something that Spencer has in her closet??

One thought on “Pretty Little Liars: Part Two

  1. See I always like most parts of Spencer’s outfits, however, there is always ONE thing that I hate (that I know would like bad on me). Example- LOVE the above outfits, but those oxford flats always look stupid on me! Ohhh well, guess I can steal some of everyone’s style! Ahh this is getting me soo excited for the PLL premier!!

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