An Ode to Yellow

Yellow. Juane. Amarillo.  Any way you like to say it, the color yellow is a bubbly, bright color associated with happiness and warmth. Particularly on days like today, which includes overcast and rain, getting a little dosage of this mood enhancing hue can totally change your day around. When I think yellow, I think sunshine and lemons–both of which are the perfect ingredients for a summer day. Nothing beats laying out poolside with the sun’s rays beating down on you, cold glass of lemonade in hand. : ) So refreshing!

A few pretty lemony items to incorporate into your home, menu or wardrobe

Luscious Lemon

The perfect lemon bar recipe from Fitness Magazine to bring to a picnic, girls night OR to just have around the house : ) It’s low calorie and low fat, too!

Lastly, to stay with the theme, I’m sharing the first Coldplay song I ever heard. Actually, I first saw this music video in seventh grade. I remember talking about it in my 7th grade (social studies class??) with Mr. Deck. Ha not sure why I remember that but I have an insane memory.

Do you like the color yellow? What about lemon flavored things?!

2 thoughts on “An Ode to Yellow

  1. I think all this rain got me a little down.. I’m so glad that there’s some yellow on this sunny, bright day! Also, I LOVE lemon bars and cannot wait to try this recipe, have you made it yet?

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