Glorified Zebra Cakes

That is how my brother described the cake balls I made this weekend for my birthday celebration with my family. These little treats are so simple to make yet yeild scrumptious little desserts! All you do is bake a cake and let it cool completely. I used funfetti cake, vanilla frosting and almond bark. However, you can use  ANY combination you would like, ie. chocolate cake with chocolate coating, strawberry cake with almond bark or even red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting and almond bark. The possibilities are endless!! Crumble cake and then mix in one tub of frosting. Store in the refrigerator until chilled. Then, roll dough mixture into small balls and place in freezer for 30 -45 minutes. Melt almond bark or chocolate and add a tiny bit of crisco to prevent clumping. Next, dip each cake ball into melted chocolate and place on wax paper. Add sprinkles if desired and wait til choclate/almond bark hardens. Last, ENJOY! : )

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