Fall Television: Click it or Skip it?

I am sad to annouce that two of my favorite hollywood stars are (in my opinion) making really horrible career choices with their upcoming television shows. Both Rachel Bilson and Zooey Deschanel are starring in their own tv series starting this fall. Normally, I’d be ecstatic….hello, OC, all-time-fave-show-eva. However, after seeing a trailer for Bilson’s show “Hart of Dixie”, I think it might be a flop. At least I know she will be wearing super cute clothes, so that is something good at least. And, seeing as it is the CW, there are probably some pretty cute guys too : ) Take a look for yourself…

While I might actually tune into “Hart of Dixie” just for the fun of it, I doubt I’ll be previewing the pilot of Zooey’s series, ” New Girl.” I might be so against it because the trailer preview is 3 minutes long and I feel like I have watched the entire episode, which looks really dumb. However, maybe they have left out some really key points and the show will have lots of twists and turns?! Who knows. Unless someone tells me it’s really good, I think I’ll skip this one.


So, even though I love both of these starlets, I just don’t know if I will be watching their shows. : / We’ll see though, I never thought I would watch Vampire Diaries and now I absolutely love it. I AM looking forward to it being back on in the Fall : )

Do you think you will watch either one of these shows?? What TV shows are you looking forward to watching again??

After the Weekend…

I spent the weekend back in Valley Center because quite frankly, I was becoming smothered by Manhattan. I needed a quick little escape before my big escape (to Savannah) on Thursday. So, I road tripped home!  My weekend retreat was just what I needed to feel back to normal, especially since it had an extra day in it for the holiday.

I got into town around 7:30 Friday night and went for a quick 5k jog followed by a little walk around the ‘hood with my pooch, Flint! Saturday began one of the most dreaded searches of all time–for a swim suit. Turns out my body doesnot like Victorias Secret swim suits. That’s a whole other post though. I found a cute one at Old Navy (not the same cut as the first one I bought and then rejected) and another great one at Target. Success!!

Later, I met up with my favorite new Mama, Lindsay.  We had a great lunch at Panera and were entertained by her sweet little boy, Evan. She introduced me to a yummy drink, Iced Green Tea, and now I think I am hooked! Also, if you don’t have a My Panera card, you should definitely get one. I got a free drink and she got a free pastry. Yes! The rest of the day was spent lounging and hanging out with my parents, followed by their Saturday tradition of going to dinner at Chipotle.  The people working there practically have my parents’ order memorized.

Sunday was SO hot and humid and windy. Typical Kansas. However, I got to enjoy the weather outside with my friends Sandra and Shelby! We caught some rays in Shel’s backyard and were sporadically sprayed by the chilly water stream of the sprinkler. I eventually had to turn it off because it was a shock every. single. time. it. hit. WAY too cold. Later, my parents and I went over to my cousin’s house for his going away party for the Air Force. It was nice to catch up with family and friends. I wrapped up the night back with friends at Shelby’s house playing “Banana Grams” which is a form of Scrabble, while sipping on homemade chai tea lattes.

Today I slept in, watched an episode of Criminal Minds in bed with Mom & Flint, lounged some more, went to Doc Greens with my Mom, ran some errands and then hit the road back to Manhattan! Whew. Now I just need to focus on getting everything ready for my trip–I leave on Thursday morning. Can’t hardly believe it!!

Pretty Little Liars: Part Three

Onto the third installment of this PLL fashion blog series! It’s Emily! She is by far the most laid back and casual girl of the group and it suits her athletic and easy-breezy lifestyle perfectly. What’s really funny is in real life, Shay Mitchell (who plays Emily), is said to be the girliest out of all the castmates!

Emily can be found in a lot of shorts, cute cargo pants, jean skirts, basic tee shirts, stylish teenis shoes, messenger bags, drapey tees, jackets, cardigans and modest jewelry. She’s kind of the girl next door sports rockstar.  Even though she’s dressed down most of the time, she always looks cute in her outfits. I’d say her style is the easiest to relate to for most high school girls these days.  Especially when I was in high school, half the school dressed similar to this.  Her style is my least favorite, only because she never wears anything very exciting or something I haven’t seen before, unlike the other PLL girls. However, like I said, her style is the the most attainable for most people.


Do you think your style is similar to Emily’s??


I’ll admit it. Sometimes I go home mostly because I want to see my dog. He’s just so cute and fluffy and nice. Last year my roommate had a dog, Sophie the Golden Retreiver, so some of my puppy deprevation was helped by hanging with Sophie. But this year, I don’t have any four-legged friend to love on when I miss my own dog. So in honor of the little Flintster, here are some pictures I took this weekend.

Pretty Little Liars: Part Two

Today’s featured PLL gal is Spencer! I think Spencer’s style is very cute, but way too preppy and tailored for my liking. She pulls it off very well though, and has the perfect figure for her clothing choices. Often, you’ll find Spencer in straight-legged pants, oxford flats, blazers, collared or button up blouses, cardigans, knee high socks, headbands and girly jewelry such as pearls or delicate necklaces.

Her style is very lady-like and modest, yet has a modern twist. Some of her outfits look like she borrowed an awesome vintage blouse from her grandma but then styled it in a way that is fresh and up-to-date. I really like her style and should probably take some notes from it. Classic is always good!


Would you ever wear something that Spencer has in her closet??

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose…

Oh names. Have you ever sat back and actually thought about your name? I do quite often. I’ve had the name convo several times with my parents, “How did you think of my name? Did you have others picked out??”  Well, the truth is, when we (Eric, Rachel, Shannon–triplets) were born, my parents had no idea what they were going to name us. They always said, “We didn’t know until we saw you.” I agree with this logic–how can you choose a name for a baby until you actually see him or her?! They will have that name for the rest. of. their. life.

I like my name. It’s kind of unique I guess–I mean I don’t know THAT many other  girls named “Shannon”.  However, my older brother got the best name of the fam–Vaughn.  How did my parents come up with that one?? (Other names on my parents’ list at the time Vaughn was born…Thorn, Barrett)

Anyway, names are kind of cool. Names I like: Olivia, Veronica, Harrison, Margaret, William.

In honor of embracing my name (although I think it’s really linear and flat and looks silly written out), i’ve been considering getting one of these personalized name necklaces a la Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

What do you think? Super cheesy and gross…or kind of cute and whimsical?!

P.S. Jessica, you’re lucky you have a somewhat common name so you can see what yours would look like written out : )

Pretty Little Liars: Part One


The Season 2 premiere of  “Pretty Little Liars” is just a little over two weeks away, June 14th, and I cannot wait to dive right back into the Rosewood drama! This television show is filled with mystery, secrets, gossip, hotttttt guys, and the four main characters have awesome style!

Spencer, Emily, Hanna & Aria each have very unique wardrobes that showcase their personalities and set them apart from each other.  I’m not sure who I identify with most when it comes to my personal style, but I’d have to say that I admire Aria’s wardrobe the most–just because it’s really edgy and cool, but also feminine at the same time.

It sort of has that Rachel Bilson feel of  “oh, I just grabbed all of these random things from my closet and pulled them together and what do you know? It looks effortlessly chic.” She wears a lot of boots, florals, cropped jackets, accessories & jewelry  with some “edge”, lace, bright nail polish and also dark nail polish and large bags.  You rarely see Aria wearing pants, since it seems she prefers dresses and skirts. Also, of course, she has perfect long dark hair–all of the PLL girls have beautiful hair, what’s up with that?! Pshh

Granted, Aria doesn’t actually style herself, so I give credit to all of the wardrobe stylists for the show! : ) Great job on ALL the Pretty Little Liars costumes.

If you haven’t watched the show, the first season is now available to buy on DVD and I might just be indulging in a little of that this weekend.  I highly recommend watching it–you will NOT be disappointed!

For the next two weeks I will be creating polyvore sets based around each character’s style and giving it my own little spin. If you haven’t guessed already, this week is Aria! Stay tuned for the next feature girl : )

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?? Which character can you identify most with based on their style??

An Ode to Yellow

Yellow. Juane. Amarillo.  Any way you like to say it, the color yellow is a bubbly, bright color associated with happiness and warmth. Particularly on days like today, which includes overcast and rain, getting a little dosage of this mood enhancing hue can totally change your day around. When I think yellow, I think sunshine and lemons–both of which are the perfect ingredients for a summer day. Nothing beats laying out poolside with the sun’s rays beating down on you, cold glass of lemonade in hand. : ) So refreshing!

A few pretty lemony items to incorporate into your home, menu or wardrobe

Luscious Lemon

The perfect lemon bar recipe from Fitness Magazine to bring to a picnic, girls night OR to just have around the house : ) It’s low calorie and low fat, too!

Lastly, to stay with the theme, I’m sharing the first Coldplay song I ever heard. Actually, I first saw this music video in seventh grade. I remember talking about it in my 7th grade (social studies class??) with Mr. Deck. Ha not sure why I remember that but I have an insane memory.

Do you like the color yellow? What about lemon flavored things?!

Goin’ To The Chapel…

I have several weddings to attend this summer and I already have one dress I can wear for one occasion, but I need another! To be more specific, I need a dress I can wear to an outdoor wedding in June located by a lake/barn.  I have found several that I like, but need your opinion on choosing one.  Which dress do you like best?!

Summer Wedding

Glorified Zebra Cakes

That is how my brother described the cake balls I made this weekend for my birthday celebration with my family. These little treats are so simple to make yet yeild scrumptious little desserts! All you do is bake a cake and let it cool completely. I used funfetti cake, vanilla frosting and almond bark. However, you can use  ANY combination you would like, ie. chocolate cake with chocolate coating, strawberry cake with almond bark or even red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting and almond bark. The possibilities are endless!! Crumble cake and then mix in one tub of frosting. Store in the refrigerator until chilled. Then, roll dough mixture into small balls and place in freezer for 30 -45 minutes. Melt almond bark or chocolate and add a tiny bit of crisco to prevent clumping. Next, dip each cake ball into melted chocolate and place on wax paper. Add sprinkles if desired and wait til choclate/almond bark hardens. Last, ENJOY! : )