Hello lovely people! It is finally Friday! (Good Friday to be exact!) Also, it is Earth Day and National Jelly Bean Day! I’m sure the JB day has something to do with the fact that Easter is on Sunday and people are stocking up on the fruity candies. Speaking of which, I wish I was still young enough to go get a new Easter dress with a matching hat like I used to when I was younger.  Also, 14 years ago this Sunday, we got my lovable little dog, Rebound! I miss the little guy (RIP Fuff), but now we have FLINT! : )

I plan on going home this weekend to spend time with my parents and Flint and possibly my brother, Eric, if he decides to go home, too.  I just  really need a weekend away to clear my head. I’ve been in a down mood this whole week and I’m not sure if  it’s because of the weather or what, but something does not feel right.  Hopefully a little quality time with the parents will help.

On the agenda? For starters, I will not be taking my computer with me.  No need to be on Facebook and Twitter all weekend. I’d really love a little dose of Bella Luna! Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing “Water For Elephants.”  I read the book three years ago and really liked it, so I’m hoping the movie lives up to it!

Some little lovelies to kick off the weekend

My friend Jessica has a new business called “Kensington Creations” and you can visit her etsy store here! She made me a beautiful necklace and showed me the preview picture earlier this morning! The great thing about Jessica’s business is that she will let you customize your necklace with colors, shapes, design, etc, so mine is totally me! 🙂

I have also commissioned her to make my mom a necklace for Mother’s Day! (Rachel if you are reading this….SHHH!). So everyone, check out Jessica’s site. She also makes headbands, pins, hair pieces and probably other things if you ask really nicely. Did I also mention that she is extremely affordable?!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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