Spotted: S & B having a little mid-afternoon caffeine fix on the steps of the Met. But why the dreamy faces, girls? Looks like lonely boy is making an impression on both of you…

OK. It’s obvious that I am NOT the “gossip girl.”  I watched the newest episode last night on my DVR and yikes-a….DRAMA. First off..Vanessa is a sneaky little biotch who needs to keep her mouth shut. Second, I really liked Blair & Dan together…it’s weird if he wants to be with Serena now that they live under the same roof. AND…what the heck is going on with Charlie?? She seems like major trouble…can’t wait to see what happens with that. Finally, who’s the prince charming at the end carrying a shoe? wtf.

3 thoughts on “xoxo

  1. Hmm. I have yet to see this episode, no DVR for me.. waiting for CW to put the new episode up. But prince charming could be the Prince that Blair met in PAIRS! Remember? She left him her shoe.

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