Sixteen…Twenty Three

My twenty-third birthday is fast approaching. Yes, ladies and gents, in less than one month I will no longer be 22.  Seems super, super old (ok now maybe that’s exaggerating a little bit), but 23 seems a lot older (and responsible) than 22! However, I am looking forward to my next year of life and am hoping for some really great new opportunities and memories to come along with it! So with that being said, May 17th, 2011….bring. it. on.

P.S. does anyone want to spoil me on my special day?! I have created a little wish list : ) If any of these items are out of your budget (they certainly are WAY out of mine) I will gladly accept a simple “happy birthday”, along with a hug, a cookie or just a fabulous day with friends and family! After all, I do share this DOB with my sister, Rachel, and brother Eric. Triplets4lyfe…

23rd Birthday



2 thoughts on “Sixteen…Twenty Three

  1. LOVE this. My 23rd birthday is almost here too! I’ve decided that the necklace I am making for you will be your birthday present! : )

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