“New” Foods

Recently I have been making an effort to incorporate more nutrient packed items into my diet.  Even though it has only been a week, my body already feels better! I believe that if you’re putting healthy, nutritious foods into your body (whole grains, veggies, fruits, chicken, fish) you are going to feel more energized and healthy than if you eat more processed items like Lean Cuisines, chips, cookies, etc.

Here are some of the new (to me)  items I have been incorporating into my diet this week, (in addition to lots of fruits, veggies, low fat yogurt and cottage cheese and lean turkey and chicken)

I know I never get enough fish, so I bought some fresh salmon at Hy-Vee and ate it the other night with roasted asparagus and brown rice. It was so so yummy! Except I made a flub when I thought I was seasoning it with lemon pepper and really, it was lemon pepper & seasoning salt.  My fish was a little on the salty side…=/  I’ve also been eating tuna on salads or in lettuce wraps for an extra dose of omega 3!

I LOVE peanut butter. I will never abandon it, EVER.  However, I thought I would give this sunbutter a fair chance. It had a very distinctive sunflower seed taste, that is for sure! I haven’t had it on anything besides tasting it by the spoonful, but today I’m going to try it with some apple slices.  I think it should be pretty yum! Also, gotta support Kansas’ state flower, right??! : )

Quinoa is an ancient grain that dates back to the Incas! It is a complete protein and has very high nutritional value.  I had never had quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) until this summer when someone made it as a “pasta salad”.  It kind of takes on the flavor of the foods it is mixed with, so it was just delicious! The interesting thing about quinoa is it has a little curly tail on the end when it is done cooking–how cute! I plan on making this with roasted vegetables and chicken for dinner tomorrow!

MMM, guacamole!! These 100 calorie packs are perfect for a little snack or to put on a grilled chicken sandwich, which is what I will be doing for dinner tonight! Avocados are great source of “good fat”. They also have 60% more potassium than bananas…I had no idea! Also, avocados are not veggies, they are actually a fruit!


A couple of other things I would like to try in the near future:

Greek yogurt is packed with protein and other nutrients!

Agave nectar is a natural sweetener and can be substituted for honey and sugar.  I want to try it in some greek yogurt with blueberries!


2 thoughts on ““New” Foods

  1. Not a fan of the sun butter! There was a girl in my school who was highly allergic to peanuts, so everything that contained peanuts was taken away. I had sun butter & jelly sandwiches for lunch often.. it’s not my favorite.

  2. I bought that guac this week too! It is actually really good…and I usually am a guacamole snob bc we have always made it homemade…but it is yuuuumy! I was going to do a post on it too-ha!

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