Summer Fever

I want to have a girls day JUST like this 🙂

The sun has finally decided to come out after this long, dreary cold week!! This only means one thing: summer is just around the corner. I am ready to spend some time outdoors soaking up the sun’s warm rays and then at night hit up aggieville and sit on an outdoor patio drinking a refreshing summer beer. YES.

I have a feeling this summer is going to be fantastic because I have a lot of fun things to look forward to:

1. First off, Memorial Day weekend lake time!

2. A trip to the South in June

3. Several weddings

4. Ray LaMontagne show in KC

5. Birthday celebrations, house warmings, 4th of July

6. The Warrior Dash

7. And simple fun weekends in Manhattan with friends : )

How refreshing does this Strawberry Margarita Pie look? I think it would be the perfect way to end a summer night dinner! (OR better yet….perhaps the follow up to a Cinco de Mayo feast?! Less than a week away!)

*Recipe from Annies-Eats

Something I’m rather embarrassingly, just kidding, proudly, looking forward to is the premiere of Season 2: Pretty Little Liars which premiers June14th. I may or may not have this written down on my calendar…

What are YOU looking forward to this summer?!


Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2: the trailer has been released!!!

Although the final book was released years ago, it is sad that the final movie will be the end of the series. : ( The end of an era!! Here are some photos to celebrate the next movie, coming to theaters July 15


Hello lovely people! It is finally Friday! (Good Friday to be exact!) Also, it is Earth Day and National Jelly Bean Day! I’m sure the JB day has something to do with the fact that Easter is on Sunday and people are stocking up on the fruity candies. Speaking of which, I wish I was still young enough to go get a new Easter dress with a matching hat like I used to when I was younger.  Also, 14 years ago this Sunday, we got my lovable little dog, Rebound! I miss the little guy (RIP Fuff), but now we have FLINT! : )

I plan on going home this weekend to spend time with my parents and Flint and possibly my brother, Eric, if he decides to go home, too.  I just  really need a weekend away to clear my head. I’ve been in a down mood this whole week and I’m not sure if  it’s because of the weather or what, but something does not feel right.  Hopefully a little quality time with the parents will help.

On the agenda? For starters, I will not be taking my computer with me.  No need to be on Facebook and Twitter all weekend. I’d really love a little dose of Bella Luna! Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing “Water For Elephants.”  I read the book three years ago and really liked it, so I’m hoping the movie lives up to it!

Some little lovelies to kick off the weekend

My friend Jessica has a new business called “Kensington Creations” and you can visit her etsy store here! She made me a beautiful necklace and showed me the preview picture earlier this morning! The great thing about Jessica’s business is that she will let you customize your necklace with colors, shapes, design, etc, so mine is totally me! 🙂

I have also commissioned her to make my mom a necklace for Mother’s Day! (Rachel if you are reading this….SHHH!). So everyone, check out Jessica’s site. She also makes headbands, pins, hair pieces and probably other things if you ask really nicely. Did I also mention that she is extremely affordable?!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sixteen…Twenty Three

My twenty-third birthday is fast approaching. Yes, ladies and gents, in less than one month I will no longer be 22.  Seems super, super old (ok now maybe that’s exaggerating a little bit), but 23 seems a lot older (and responsible) than 22! However, I am looking forward to my next year of life and am hoping for some really great new opportunities and memories to come along with it! So with that being said, May 17th, 2011….bring. it. on.

P.S. does anyone want to spoil me on my special day?! I have created a little wish list : ) If any of these items are out of your budget (they certainly are WAY out of mine) I will gladly accept a simple “happy birthday”, along with a hug, a cookie or just a fabulous day with friends and family! After all, I do share this DOB with my sister, Rachel, and brother Eric. Triplets4lyfe…

23rd Birthday




Spotted: S & B having a little mid-afternoon caffeine fix on the steps of the Met. But why the dreamy faces, girls? Looks like lonely boy is making an impression on both of you…

OK. It’s obvious that I am NOT the “gossip girl.”  I watched the newest episode last night on my DVR and yikes-a….DRAMA. First off..Vanessa is a sneaky little biotch who needs to keep her mouth shut. Second, I really liked Blair & Dan together…it’s weird if he wants to be with Serena now that they live under the same roof. AND…what the heck is going on with Charlie?? She seems like major trouble…can’t wait to see what happens with that. Finally, who’s the prince charming at the end carrying a shoe? wtf.

A Royal Couple

Tonight is the night. “William & Kate” the movie premiers on Lifetime at 8 pm sharp. Who will be watching it? This girl. I haven’t really been following the whole courtship or whatever they call it, but I am somewhat interested in the movie. Hopefully it will catch me up on everything I have not read in the tabloids. : )

This map is so cute! People are seriously obsessed with the Royal Wedding…it’s rather strange. Kate Middleton has been made into a doll…

Elevator Lovin

How awesome is this?!?! Elevators are awkward and kind of scary (Tower of Terror at Disney World, anyone) but being able to push the button like THIS…would make the experience so much more enjoyable!

In other news, it’s FRIDAY…FRIDAY…gotta get down on FRIDAY. : ) Does anyone have stellar plans for the weekend??

Mine consists of babysitting tonight, possibly going to the bars afterward. Saturday will be spent lounging, working out and possible a trip to Wamego for the “Tulip Festival”, Wizard of OZ museum and Totos Tacoz!

Sunday…probably another lounge day. I feel like I haven’t had many of those lately!! Soo glad it is the weekend. #TGIF

Country Strong

As much as I dislike country music as a musical genre, I was pleasantly surprised at my reaction towards the movie “Country Strong.”  I had low expectations for this film when I first saw the trailer and brushed it aside with the notion that I would never watch it. Well, last night I did indeed watch it and am still thinking about the movie!

The movie was about Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, Kelly Canter, a washed-up country music star who is just coming back on stage after being in rehab for alcohol abuse. Her husband, James, played by Tim McGraw is encouraging her to change her image around by touring again. Two other characters, Chiles (Leighton Meester) and Beau (Garrett Hedlund) are asked to join the tour for differing reasons and those stories unfold later on in the film as well as some love connections.

My favorite character was by far Beau. I had never seen him in a film before (however he is the lead role in Tron) and I died and went to heaven when I heard his voice/saw him.

Also, while I’m usually much opposed to the whole “country fashion” scene, Leighton Meester’s character, Chiles, always looked really cute in her little outfits!

country strong

Just having a little fun on polyvore : )

After watching that movie, I have come to the conclusion that I do not hate ALL country music. I would highly recommend this movie, even if you aren’t a fan of country! I think it can still be appreciated and you will fall in love with Garrett Hedlund. I had this same feeling after I watched “8 Seconds” when I was thirteen. Cowboys are hotties.