Springing into…SPRING!

spring essentials

Spring Fever has hit. And it has hit hard. I am in the mood for pastels, wedges, sun dresses and SUNSHINE. I even bought a tanning package a couple of days ago to prepare my skin for the sunny months to come and to prevent people from being scarred for life from seeing my ghostly white body.  Yikes…

I have compiled a little set of items I consider to be spring essentials! Just like winter necessitates gloves, hand lotion for dry skin and cozy socks, springtime has a few of its own must-haves!

1. Umbrella-If you live in Kansas, you know how much it rains here in the spring.  What better way to shield yourself from the rain than by carrying and using a cute umbrella?!

2. Wave Spray–I’ve recently learned that if my hair comes in contact with even the slightest bit of humidity in the air, it becomes the mayor of Frizzville. Well, there is a new sheriff  in town and her name is Wave Spray. Why try to fight the wave when you can embrace it?? I’ll be using it a lot this season!

3. Spring Scarf- Although we often associate scarves with cooler months, a light weight scarf is the perfect accessory for a spring dress or tank and cardi combo.  Choose a lightweight fabric to prevent heat exhaustion.

4. Sunnies- With all of the time I will be spending outdoors (post 5 p.m and the weekends) I will surely need a good ole pair of sunglasses to protect my peepers from UV rays.

5. Accessories–Spring is the perfect time to experiment with some funky fun jewelry and shoes.  Once again, I have chosen all turquoise colored accessories…what is wrong with me?! But how cute and fun are those little elephant earrings?! Love them

6. Poolside Gear–When May rolls around I will be poolside whenever I can be! A nice sturdy straw beach bag is the perfect tool to store all of my sun bathing trinkets like sun screen, towel, cover up and a good magazine.  Also, the most important part (unless I’m at a nude beach) is a swim suit! I’ve really been liking the classic retro look lately.

7. iPod–MUST workout a lot to attain a hot summer bod. MUST listen to iPod shuffle and remember to keep it charged so it doesn’t die mid-workout…

8. Journal–The reasoning behind having a journal this spring is to log my exercise and diet regimen. If I keep on top of those extra Reese’s peanut butter cups by writing down how many I eat, maybe I won’t eat as many??

9. Make-up–Bronzer, a fresh palette of eye shadows, rosebud salve, lacquered nails and a spritz of a perfume like Kate Spade Twirl are all the perfect touch to an outfit.  Keep makeup light and fresh for a lovely glowy look.

10. Lemon Drops–The candy, not the drink.  They have always been a favorite of mine since childhood when my Grandma would give them to me during church service.  Nothing says spring time like lemon!

And of course, always remember to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn! : )

Oh yeah and stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and tea!

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