Summer Concert!

The recent change of weather which has revealed sunshine and light jackets has also made me start to look forward to what is ahead: summer! While it’s still not time for flip flops and sundresses, I still like to daydream of the outfit possibilities for future occasions such as the Ray LaMontagne concert in a previously mentioned post.  The show is on June 15 at the Starlight Theater on, which is an outdoor venue. The last time I went to a concert there on October 1st it was absolutely freezing and I did NOT dress appropriately, (neither did any of my friends) ha. So this time around, Gabby and I have been brainstorming up some ideas of what we could possibly wear on a warm, balmy summer night in June!

Summer Concert

Do these outfits scream summer concert or what?! I’m glad Gabby went with the shorts/tank option to offset my girly (possibly overdressed) dress interpretation of summer concert fabulousness. The ruffly camisole with cut off jean shorts is a summer girl classic! The perfect mix of feminine and casual all rolled into a versatile, easy -going-concert-watching outfit! Shorts are always a good choice for an outdoor event because you don’t have to worry about always keeping your legs crossed or take the risk of your skirt being ruffled in the wind and revealing a little too much toosh.  The long tie-dye cami worn belted with coral sandals is a fun twist on the typical basic, solid cami. It has a bit of a rocker girl vibe, which I really like!  Also, this racerback cami is made from a light weight fabric, which is perfect for spending the evening outdoors.  Flat sandals or wedges are probably the most practical shoe choice, as it summer however, since the show will be spent mostly sitting down, any shoe with a reasonable heel should be fine! With some tously wavy hair, nude nail polish, cute jewelry and sunnies (maybe bug spray too?!), either of these are go-to outfits! I could totally picture myself wearing one of these ensembles while being serenaded by the folky vocal talents of RL. : )

Summer Concert

I was lacking inspiration (and perhaps creativity) while doing this set. Things to observe: I like cool colors, turquoise accessories and brown sandals. Also, dresses.  Although dresses are not always appropriate for all outdoor summer occasions, I feel like wearing one to a RL show would be perfectly acceptable! There shouldn’t be any heavy moshing or head banging occurring, so there is no need to leave the girly dresses at home! The classically cute look is for the girl who doesn’t like frills or super trends and is subtly fashionable. The chambray dress with the corset bust is the perfect touch of modern on this classic a-line dress. Paired with some espadrilles wedges and some tortoise shell sunnies, this ensemble is the epitome of summer cool! The second look is totally comfortable and perfect for a hot June night! I actually have a dress similar to this one and wore it with gladiator flats (inspiration brick wall). Even though it is somewhat lacking in creativity, I think it’s a good go-to outfit. Who doesn’t like a girly sundress?? Last, the lavender ruffle dress. LOVE.  Although it might be a little dressy on its own, I think paired with flat sandals and fun chunky bangles, this dress is suitable for an outdoor concert. I love how flowy and breezy it is, (hence the name summer breeze) and it would look wonderful layered on tan skin! This look is definitely for the girly girl, fashionista type who wants to go out for drinks post concert.

So there you have it; our interpretations of summer concert ensembles! What would you wear to an outdoor show?!

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