Blast Belly Bloat

All of last week/weekend I felt extremely bloated and horribly pudgy. I can attribute this to my binge of fast food including Wendy’s, Salsaritas and Chipotle, but that’s neither here nor there. The important thing to remember is belly bloat sucks, BUT there is a way to overcome it!

Step 1: Stop eating salty, cheesy, fatty foods (my favorite) three times in the span of 2 days. Also, lay off soda and alcohol!

Step 2: Pump up the cardio! Fat-burning exercises like running, biking, the elliptical, etc will help burn off some of that flub.

Step 3: Focus on your tummy. Do planks! They are one of the best core exercises out there and will help isolate the muscles underneath the layer of pudge that always lingers…

Step 4: Try some of these foods to help with the bloat factor

Papaya, Oatmeal, Yogurt, Asparagus & Quinoa!

So, if you’re wanting to get into swim suit shape like I am, try some of these tips!

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