Ah, the weekend is hours away! This week definitely had its ups and downs, but c’est la vie. Looking forward to a weekend with vague plans, which could end up being really fun and spontaneous or relaxing and quiet–I could go either way at this point and be perfectly content.

Some high notes of the week:

  • Adele’s new album “21”–phenomenal!
  • New necklace from Forever21
  • Gym membership to Max Fitness
  • Day off from work on Monday
  • Buy one, get one free Chipotle coupon
  • Mink Muffs nail polish
  • Good phone chats
  • Got my mermaid painting to be framed
  • Salasaritas today for Friday lunch group

Some low notes of this week:

  • $50 parking ticket
  • Flu-like symptoms (and other sickness)
  • Sludgy icy cold mess weather
  • Feeling really pudgy
  • A skirt I ordered from F21 doesn’t fit : (
  • Stress?

At least I had more good things than bad, right?? : ) And lots of my good things aren’t even on this list. My parents (as far as I know) are coming to visit this weekend, and to see Rachel’s art show at Bluestem.  Can’t wait to see them and my little fluff ball. Also, ready for a night out with the girls tomorrow! Perhaps staying in tonight?? Looks like I have some plans after all!


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