Carnival Contest : )

At 3:00, my friend Jess and I both thought we would die of boredom. It’s Friday. We’re ready for the weekend after 40 hours of desk work. I’m not sure how many times today we’ve said. “I’m ready for the weekend,” or “I wish it was five,” or simply “I’m bored.” This communication all took place through Facebook chat of course, but I could still detect the insane boredom in her web-voice.
SO, I came up with a plan. I have recently discovered the joys of actually creating sets in I’ve been viewing the site for awhile now, but had never actually taken the plunge to design a set myself. I suggested Jess and I have a little contest (there is no real winner) and compare our sets with a shared theme: Carnival.

Not sure why these images popped into my head when I was trying to brainstorm theme ideas, but they did…so I went with it.

Our Assignment: to create a look that you would wear to a carnival.

Ok, go!

Jess’ creation is absolutely ADORABLE and I love how she stayed with a color palette of sweet pinks. She went the dressier, girly route with her set and I absolutely love it. The girl wearing this look would obviously be somewhere quite warm, let’s just say she’s in Alabama for kicks. Her set is my favorite of the the two : )

My set is a more casual, practical look for carnival cruising. I guess since the OC was on my mind, I was picturing a cool, fall night by the beach in Cali; hence the sweater. It’s so funny that we both picked the same Ferris wheel and incorporated them into our sets! : )

Well Jess, this was fun! I think we should do it again next week. And oh look, it’s almost 5:00! TGIF

2 thoughts on “Carnival Contest : )

  1. Every carnival I have ever been to has been extremely hot. But that’s because they’re usually in July in Kansas. I was drawing from personal experience! : )

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