Down South

I am itching for a vacation. Somewhere warm, beachy and a place where I can pretend I’m a local for a week : ) Some friends and I are brainstorming on places to go for a girls getaway after school is out in May. My friend, Andrea, had the perfect location idea: Tybee Island, Georgia which is very close to Savannah, GA. Her Grandmother lives there, so hopefully she can lead us in the right direction towards a cute little beach cottage we could rent for a week!

If you’ve seen the movie, “The Last Song,” (horrible acting, horrible movie, great scenery in terms of the location and Miley’s BF), it was filmed on Tybee Island!

Some things I want to do while on our little vacay:

1. Ride bikes around the island

2. Go horseback riding on the beach

3. Scope out some cool landmarks like light houses & museums!

4. Eat some local food and lots of it!


6. Go shopping at little shops downtown

7. Read!

When going on a vacation to a warm-weathered location, obviously this calls for a little shopping trip. Here are a few things I wouldn’t mind having:

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