Nail Polish

Nail polish is not something I usually like to spend a lot of money on. It doesn’t have a long lasting wear time, therefore I don’t see the point in buying expensive bottles. Brands like Rimmel, Revlon and Maybelline normally cost around$3.50 to $5 a bottle and the Sinful line at Walgreens is only $2. I used to be very content with these cheap-o brands when it came to my wallet, but was never fully satisfied with the long-lasting results I was looking for in a nail polish. Within a day of application, little knicks and chips would start to appear on my freshly painted nails, which irked me since chipped nails look far from classy.

Recently I have steered away from my usual drug store purchases and have tried out more salon quality brands such as OPI and Essie. I have used OPI since the summer, experimenting with colors such as these:

Barefoot in Barcelona

Do You Lilac It?

Ski Teal We Drop

Lincoln Park After Dark

Although I am very pleased with OPI nail polish, it wasn’t until I discovered Essie nail polish that I realized what the power of a high quality nail polish can do for my nails. I feel like Essie is slightly better than OPI in the way that it resists chipping longer.

I found my first bottle of Essie at Wal-Mart of all places, (I had no idea they carried it!) when the end of the aisle display caught my eye. I have seen Essie in beauty supply stores before, but usually the shelf is filled with pale pinks, nudes and creams. This display at WM featured all types of different colors–purples, deep reds, vibrant blues, bright pinks and everything in between. Since seeing an episode of Pretty Little Liars featuring Aria wearing a pale blue nail polish, seen here, I have been searching high and low for a replica.

Although this color isn’t quite as pale as I wanted, I feel it’s a pretty good substitution:

Lapis of Luxury

This nail polish stayed on my nails totally chip-free for an entire week. I was astonished by the length of time it stayed looking pretty! Since then, I feel like I will never go back to anything other than Essie. Yes, it costs $8 a bottle, but I think it is SO worth it. I also bought this color a couple of days ago and applied it last night, after giving my nails a complete filing and buffing session.

California Coral

The next shades I want for spring are:

Splash of Grenadine


I am nearly positive I could select fifteen more shades that I would love to have, but I don’t need to go overboard. To see all the shades for yourself, visit Essie online.


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