Homemade Pad Thai

Last week sometime, Allie and I decided to test our culinary skills and whip up some low-fat homemade Pad Thai.  We had very high expectations for this thai dish, but unfortunately, our failure to understand metric conversions led us to some under-sauced noodles. The recipe called for 1/4 of a lb of rice noodles.. The bag of noodles we had was 16 ounces and we had no idea how many ounces were in a pound. My laptop was sitting on the counter, I’m not sure why we didn’t just look the conversion up, but in case you were wondering (we were too) 1 pound is equal to 16 ounces. We used the entire bag. OOPS. Needless to say, our sauce to noodles ratio was not correct at all and we ended up having to add more soy sauce and red chile sauce later on.

Mistakes aside, the pad thai ended up tasting really good and we even made it in a wok. True chefs, I’d say!

My Pad Thai: eaten with a fork, made with chicken

Allie's Pad Thai: eaten with chop sticks, made with tofu

Allie enjoying our creation


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