Adele “Rolling in the Deep”

I really love this single which is on Adele’s upcoming album titled, “21”, is due out February 22. This Grammy winning artist’s first album came out two years ago and was appropriately titled “19.” I am impressed with Adele’s soulful voice and powerful ballads from her first album and am greatly anticipating her second one! Can’t get enough of those British divas! Also love Kate Nash and Lily Allen.

Carnival Contest : )

At 3:00, my friend Jess and I both thought we would die of boredom. It’s Friday. We’re ready for the weekend after 40 hours of desk work. I’m not sure how many times today we’ve said. “I’m ready for the weekend,” or “I wish it was five,” or simply “I’m bored.” This communication all took place through Facebook chat of course, but I could still detect the insane boredom in her web-voice.
SO, I came up with a plan. I have recently discovered the joys of actually creating sets in I’ve been viewing the site for awhile now, but had never actually taken the plunge to design a set myself. I suggested Jess and I have a little contest (there is no real winner) and compare our sets with a shared theme: Carnival.

Not sure why these images popped into my head when I was trying to brainstorm theme ideas, but they did…so I went with it.

Our Assignment: to create a look that you would wear to a carnival.

Ok, go!

Jess’ creation is absolutely ADORABLE and I love how she stayed with a color palette of sweet pinks. She went the dressier, girly route with her set and I absolutely love it. The girl wearing this look would obviously be somewhere quite warm, let’s just say she’s in Alabama for kicks. Her set is my favorite of the the two : )

My set is a more casual, practical look for carnival cruising. I guess since the OC was on my mind, I was picturing a cool, fall night by the beach in Cali; hence the sweater. It’s so funny that we both picked the same Ferris wheel and incorporated them into our sets! : )

Well Jess, this was fun! I think we should do it again next week. And oh look, it’s almost 5:00! TGIF

Cosmetic Staples

J. Crew Goes to Italy

J. Crew has a new mini-film series on their site and the first installment of three is up for viewing! You can watch “About A Shoe” here.

“About a Shoe,” directed by filmmaker Douglas Keeve follows Jenna Lyons (President and creative director) and Marissa Webb (head of womens design) as they head to Italy and tour the factory where J.Crew’s shoes are handcrafted. This sweet little behind-the-scenes film allows us to take a walk in their shoes (heels, of course). Be on the lookout for the next installments (“About a Thread Count” and “About a Print”) in the coming months!


If only I could afford a pair of beautiful J. Crew Italian Leather heels/flats/sandals. A girl can dream!

P.S Gabby, you might especially enjoy this since it was filmed in Florence, Italy!

Down South

I am itching for a vacation. Somewhere warm, beachy and a place where I can pretend I’m a local for a week : ) Some friends and I are brainstorming on places to go for a girls getaway after school is out in May. My friend, Andrea, had the perfect location idea: Tybee Island, Georgia which is very close to Savannah, GA. Her Grandmother lives there, so hopefully she can lead us in the right direction towards a cute little beach cottage we could rent for a week!

If you’ve seen the movie, “The Last Song,” (horrible acting, horrible movie, great scenery in terms of the location and Miley’s BF), it was filmed on Tybee Island!

Some things I want to do while on our little vacay:

1. Ride bikes around the island

2. Go horseback riding on the beach

3. Scope out some cool landmarks like light houses & museums!

4. Eat some local food and lots of it!


6. Go shopping at little shops downtown

7. Read!

When going on a vacation to a warm-weathered location, obviously this calls for a little shopping trip. Here are a few things I wouldn’t mind having:

The Gang’s All Here….

170 Days ’til “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” is released to theaters.

Since I wasn’t able to go to the Midnight premiere for Part 1, due to work scheduling conflicts, I WILL go to this one, dressed up as Bellatrix…no maybe Luna. Nope, Ron. HP pre-party, anyone??

Nail Polish

Nail polish is not something I usually like to spend a lot of money on. It doesn’t have a long lasting wear time, therefore I don’t see the point in buying expensive bottles. Brands like Rimmel, Revlon and Maybelline normally cost around$3.50 to $5 a bottle and the Sinful line at Walgreens is only $2. I used to be very content with these cheap-o brands when it came to my wallet, but was never fully satisfied with the long-lasting results I was looking for in a nail polish. Within a day of application, little knicks and chips would start to appear on my freshly painted nails, which irked me since chipped nails look far from classy.

Recently I have steered away from my usual drug store purchases and have tried out more salon quality brands such as OPI and Essie. I have used OPI since the summer, experimenting with colors such as these:

Barefoot in Barcelona

Do You Lilac It?

Ski Teal We Drop

Lincoln Park After Dark

Although I am very pleased with OPI nail polish, it wasn’t until I discovered Essie nail polish that I realized what the power of a high quality nail polish can do for my nails. I feel like Essie is slightly better than OPI in the way that it resists chipping longer.

I found my first bottle of Essie at Wal-Mart of all places, (I had no idea they carried it!) when the end of the aisle display caught my eye. I have seen Essie in beauty supply stores before, but usually the shelf is filled with pale pinks, nudes and creams. This display at WM featured all types of different colors–purples, deep reds, vibrant blues, bright pinks and everything in between. Since seeing an episode of Pretty Little Liars featuring Aria wearing a pale blue nail polish, seen here, I have been searching high and low for a replica.

Although this color isn’t quite as pale as I wanted, I feel it’s a pretty good substitution:

Lapis of Luxury

This nail polish stayed on my nails totally chip-free for an entire week. I was astonished by the length of time it stayed looking pretty! Since then, I feel like I will never go back to anything other than Essie. Yes, it costs $8 a bottle, but I think it is SO worth it. I also bought this color a couple of days ago and applied it last night, after giving my nails a complete filing and buffing session.

California Coral

The next shades I want for spring are:

Splash of Grenadine


I am nearly positive I could select fifteen more shades that I would love to have, but I don’t need to go overboard. To see all the shades for yourself, visit Essie online.

Pump Up the Jams

For the most part, I have had the same music on my iPod shuffle (my workout iPod)  for the past two years. I hear the same songs over and over and over again. Some of the artists on my pod  include: Head Automatica, Vampire Weekend, the soundtrack from “Slumdog Millionaire”,  Iron & Wine, Radiohead and miscellaneous artists who I don’t know the name of because my iPod doesn’t have a screen.

I am in desperate need of some new tunes to get my heart racing and my body moving! I think that upbeat, music is essential for having a good cardio workout and mine is just not cutting it lately. One of my issues is separating the types of artists I would normally listen to while at home or in my car, from the artists who provide music that is more conducive to working out. I need some more fast-paced songs with a firmer beat, if you will. For instance, I borrowed my brother’s iPod over Christmas break and it was full of Lil’ Wayne, Tech N9ne and artists of the like.  I had one of THE BEST runs I have had in a long time, and I give some credit to Lil Wayne’s musical styling.

What is even worse than not having the perfect play list, is when my iPod flat-out dies mid elliptical session…I lose ALL motivation to keep going when all I can hear is myself breathing.

I would love to hear suggestions for some new songs or artists that you all like to listen to while hitting the gym!

Here is a list of the Top 10 Workout Songs of 2010 from Shape Magazine

1. Club Can’t Handle Me, Flo Rida & David Guetta

2. Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix), Lady GaGa

3. We R Who We R, Kesha

4. After The Love, R.I.O.

5. Break Your Heart (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Radio Edit), Taio Cruz & Ludacris

6. Rock That Body (Chris Lake Remix), Black Eyed Peas

7. We No Speak Americano, Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup

8. Not Myself Tonight (Jody Den Broeder Radio Remix), Christina Aguilera

9. Major Tom, Shiny Toy Guns

10. Stereo Love, Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina

If you are also in a workout song rut like myself, check out Run Hundred which is the web’s heaviest trafficked workout music site!